Thursday, February 26, 2009

Join me for a Spot O' Tea at Noon? Nationwide Tea Party Today

Today is the first day of the Taxpayer Revolution, the Nationwide Chicago Tea Party and Smart Girls Politics share released this statement via the tcotreport to let you know how you can get involved...

For Your Use and Consideration
The Smarties at Smart Girl Politics have offered up this essay for anyone to use as they see fit.
Feel free to use as-is or make it your own. Email to your Assemblyman, Congressman, Senator, Mayor, Editor of your local and regional newspapers; post on your blog; post as comments, get creative!

This great country, which I hold so dear, is in trouble. The principles on which our nation was founded seem to be deteriorating daily. Our government, comprised of elected officials sworn to represent us, has abandoned its sovereign duty to the people. Our voices, already muffled by the roar of a liberal media, are falling on the deaf ears of an uncompromising Congress. In an economic crisis created in large part by irresponsible government interference, it seems our government's answer is more of the same. If big government was the cause, how can bigger government be the solution?

In the 1760's the British Government began to use taxation as a tool to suppress prosperity and limit the liberties of its people. Much like our own, the British government abused its power and submitted, not to the citizens, but to the special interests and political gain. On December 16, 1773, American colonists decided, as have we, that enough is enough. In a bold act of protest, the Sons of Liberty filled the Boston Harbor with more than 45 tons of East India Company tea.

The Boston Tea Party put into motion the events that would ultimately lead to the American Revolution and on July 4, 1776, our founding fathers would adopt The Declaration of Independence. This document not only announced our independence from Britain, but it asserted our unalienable rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. In addition to these, the Declaration of Independence ensures our right to protect ourselves from a government that becomes destructive and to alter, abolish, or recreate a government that has ceased to fulfill the duties for which it was created.

In the shadow of failed bailouts that have been squandered away by greedy CEO's and uncooperative labor unions, our government has passed legislation that will prove to be the largest and most costly expansion of government in history. With trillions of dollars gone and wasted, we have stood and watched the America we love slip away; the America that has flourished in a system of free market capitalism and thrived in a democracy centered around states' rights, it is our duty to act. We will stand by and watch no more.

This Friday, all across this nation, "we the people" will be invoking the spirit of our forefathers and joining our voices in an effort to drown out the chatter of mediocrity. We will have a Tea Party of our own. In fact, we will have many. We will speak out against the infliction of a debt that will cripple future generations. We will protest the use of fear by our leaders to impose upon us their liberal agendas. We will respond to the threat of socialism that intensifies as wealth is seized and redistributed. We will reclaim our exceptionalism that sets up apart and provides every man, woman and child with the opportunity to achieve the American Dream . We will reject the class warfare and victim mentality that eats away at peace and prosperity. And once again, we will empower the people...and the people will prevail.

The President has said that he gets it. Let's make sure that he does. Join us...

Michelle Malkin provided us with a list of all the live event locations, times and contacts for Tea Parties across the country.

You can participate on-line on Facebook or Twitter (#teaparty)

More on the Birth of the TaxPayer Revolution...from my earlier post, Time to Hit the Harbor!! Americans Plan Tea Party Protests Across the Country

Last week during an interview on CNBC Rick Santelli, may have inadvertently as he said "hit a nerve" with American Taxpayers when he called for a "Chicago Tea Party" in protest of the wasteful spending inside the recently passed "Stimulus" bill. Santelli's words rang true to anyone who heard them, and I although I've always been proud of My country, today I am truly feeling the excitement of being an American.

Watch the Rant that Started it all...

Santelli's pointed reference to that cold night in Boston in 1773, has inspired thousands to go into action and organize "Tea Parties" around the country. I must tell you, I've been wanting a Rebellion of this sort for a long time, and I am pleased to find out that I am not alone.

The Right of every American to participate in civil Protest is a Right, that few Republicans, Conservatives or other Normal people with jobs, rarely get to fully enjoy. Liberals have historically "owned" the Protest market. Sure you might find a few Religious Conservatives at a local abortion clinic on any given day, but for the most part, major protests are held only by Liberals. Why? Because they don't have jobs... silly.

My sister and I have long discussed tying ourselves to something in protest over the years..We very seriously discussed organizing a rebellion against the unexplainable Car Tax here in Virginia. Tim Kaine, our current part time Governor, (you've probably heard of him, He also moonlights as the DNC Chairman.)promised to repeal it or at the very least reduce it, then after being elected immediately changed his position. I know You are Shocked, a Democrat lied.

I digress... my sister and I once pondered the idea of tossing Cars into the James River in protest, but figured the Environmentalist wackos would have a field day with the 'impacts' of our little rebellion. But yet we longed to be heard and it seemed like the only time elected officials pay any attention is when the Media spotlight is on in a Public protest with lots of people and signs....It's why the Liberals do it all the time.

But what happens when hard working Taxpayers realize that if they don't stand up and say something, No One will and President Obama will use the "Generational Theft Act of 2009", to take more Money out of American's wallets? How will America react to Democrats and Obama saying we need to Pay more Taxes, when we all Know that many High ranking Democrats don't even pay their Taxes? Something tells me that why we are having a Nationwide Chicago Tea Party this Friday at Noon....(If you are on Facebook, Join the Nationwide Chicago Tea Party.)

Read the entire entry here...


Anonymous said...

Just my thoughts.

Want A Modern Day Tea Party That Would Matter?
Here you go.

Our Government has set it's own president, that if a problem is too big they will quit.
My State of California spends 14 Billion Dollars each year on illegal immigrants and will not work to secure our Borders because the problem is just to big. Surrender is not only the solution to these Big Problems for California. California will also increase taxes on it's own Citizens to pay for the Citizens of Mexico in California as California runs a 46 Billion Dollar Debt.

California is not alone. Our Federal Government does the same thing and creates Amnesty for breaking the peoples Laws as long as the problem is just to big.

Teaparty Solution American Citizens vs. Federal Government. Each American and Biz Owner to take Maximum Dedutions and with hold their cash. Do not pay your Debt on April 15th and if we can get Conservatives and Republicans to hit the Government in their pockets where it hurts. THAT will be a PROTEST and an American Tea Party felt around the entire Washington DC area.

In Socialist States like California. Tax Payer vs. State Government. Hold all Income, Auto Reg. and Property Taxes from the State. They will be toast and you will get your Country back.

The only thing holding this back is a Bank who will not allow IRS Impounds vs. their clients.

Could be History Book Stuff.

Simple solutions to difficult problems!

Dave Johnson
Sacramento CA

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Purple Crayon said...

Excellent blog! People are going to be getting more and more frustrated with all this radical "change" we just voted in, and it is going to be crucial for Americans to have plenty of respectfully presented, well thought out, resources to go to in order to learn how to survive it. Keep up the good work!

WomanHonorThyself said...

I sure hope it has impact hun!!

Conservative Politics said...

I love that rant and it was awesome to see all the support the tea parties got. There were no tea parties in Utah so I couldn't attend one. Have you seen Jim Cramers latest rant on Obama's spending policies? I posted the video on my blog: