Saturday, January 24, 2009

Vote for WithBias at 2009 LadyBlog Awards!

I got an e-mail notification this week that WithBias is a Finalist in the 2009 LadyBlog Awards held by Culture 11. I'm honored to be listed with some fantastic female bloggers, and I'm Thankful just to be recognized. But what kind of girl would I be if I didn't do a little politicking myself?

So if you're so inclined, drop by and cast a Vote for WithBias, you are allowed to Vote just once, and it only takes a second to do it.

Ladyblog Award Finalist


Pamela D. Hart said...

You got my vote!

RightKlik said...

got my vote

Biased Girl said...

Thank you to everyone that has Voted. I appreciate all the e-mails, comments and 'tweets of support!