Thursday, January 29, 2009

Obama's Busy First Week

Wow! I have really lousy timing. I've got a million things going on and I haven't had time to Blog, yet these past few days have delivered some of the most fascinating political stories in recent history. I hate to miss out on all the fun, so since I have a few short moments I thought the least I could do was to share with you some of my favorite stories of the past week...

Obama Vs. Eric Cantor

Last friday night, President Barack H. Obama held a meeting with house republicans to discuss the Republican alternative to the pork filled stimulus package produced by Obama and the Dems.

According to Charles Hurt at the NY Post , Obama "zinged" his Rival over the GOP's idea to increase the number of tax cuts in the Stimulus package and remove some of the unneccessary Pork:

In an exchange with Rep. Eric Cantor (R-Va.) about the proposal, the president shot back: "I won," according to aides briefed on the meeting.

"I will trump you on that."

So much for the 'Age of Obama's' new bipartisan era. Lasted three whole days, that might be some kind of record in Washington, Bush played nice for years and yet they called him divisive. Obama tells minority whip in the house to get in line or be quiet, what does that make him? It should be interesting if so see if they hold The One to the same standards...

Fast forward to yesterdays passage of the $850-$1 Trillion, depending on how you look at it, "Stimulus" package in the House of Representatives. That pork filled tax payer funded behemouth that costs more than Iraq and Afghanistan combined, did Not get a Singe Vote from a Republican. As Nancy Pelosi stood smiling as she read the final Vote count 244-188, all 244 were Democrats. Democrats passed a bill knowing that is projected to benefit the Taxpayer with only 12 cents of every dollar. I was proud to be a Republican.

Eric Cantor's job is to 'whip' the republican members of the house to Vote in line with the desires of the Party, and judging by yesterday's results, He is the Right man for the Job. (Just a note: 11 Dems also voted against it) Find out how your Representative voted at the complete Roll Call here.

Want to Say Thank you to those standing up for You as a Taxpayer? Contact them Now.

Obama Vs. Rush Limbaugh

This was the same meeting where President Obama told Republicans they should stop listening to Rush Limbaugh. Which turned out to be a bigger story initially. What with Obama basically stooping to school yard bullying tactics to silence Free Speech and all. As most of you know I am a huge Rush Fan, been listening for years. He's very good at what he does. But love him or hate him this is America, Damn it and He has the Right to Say whatever he Wants, and Anyone can choose to Listen or Not.

What Liberals continue to fail to realize is that the First Amendment Exists Not to protect crucifixes dipped in urine, as 'freedom of expression', but instead to allow Us as Citizens to Freely criticize our Governement with out Fear of Government Retribution. Now we've got President Obama attacking a private citizen and a businesss, simply because they disagree with him? Hmmm. Wonder what the Founding Fathers would think about that? I'm just saying...

To me it just shows Obama's immaturity and lack of understanding of his office as President. He is no longer just a slick talking used car sales men trying to pander for liberal votes, He is the Leader of the Free World. Rush Limbaugh should be the Least of his concerns. After watching Obama navigate through the muddy campaign waters, one thing is for sure, His attack on Limbaugh was not an was part of the strategy to silence any opposition.....

Supporting Rush is your Duty as a Citizen whether you agree with what he says or not, maybe more so if you disagree. If you don't stand up for those that Offend you the Most, do You really believe in Free Speech? I've written previously about "Understanding the Dangers of the Fairness Doctrine", and the Democrats desire to bring it back in order to silence opposition Conservative Voices.

Liberals have decried my concern for the "Censorship Doctrine" as hysteria and paranoia, but now the President is Telling All of Us, What we should and Should not listen to, which since we are talking about Political Talk Radio, means He is telling us what we should and should not think. Anyone else see a problem with this?

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee even started an online petition to in their words...

We need every grassroots Democrat to show Rush Limbaugh and all of the Republicans what they're up against if they start attacking President Obama and Democrats who are working to end the failed GOP policies of the last eight years.

The site requests that you leave a message that they would like to 'send' to Rush Limbaugh, all the messages are public so anyone who visits can read them, the site then promises to forward those on to El Rushbo himself. Well, Rush found out about this website then told his listeners they should log on and send him their messages as well. Rush encouraged his listeners to share what they thought of him and what he brings to the Political conversation. Take a moment and read through the comments , Rush's 20 million listeners are very loyal indeed, and also quite witty.

Taking on a man who has 3 hours of uninterupted airtime and a gift for conveing his message, is not necessarily in the best interest of Pres. Obama, as Pat Dollard Points out in his recent post "Limbaugh to Obama: You don't know who you are F**King With" (My apologies for the vulgarity in the title) His link is merely a cross post of a National Review Online Article, where the author Byron York, explains Obama's tactics as he was taught by reading Sal Alinky's Rules for Radicals, as it pertains to Obama's strategy with Rush Limbaugh and all he represents... “Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.”

So Obama's picking fights with leaders of the RNC and the Conservative Movement? Hmmm. Either he is trying to establish Street Cred or he is really politically naive. Washington is a fickle town, and although their are 'activists' on each side of the aisle, the Lifers don't like those that Rock the Boat, regardless of party. So this could get very interesting.

Now is not the time to be complacent. What are your thoughts about Obama's first Full Week?


Tom Sanchez Prunier said...

"... in the words of Scripture, the time has come to set aside childish things."

The president said it's time to stop putting politics ahead of policy in his inauguration speech. He said he was here to change Washington, to undue the mess of the bush administration. It won't be easy, but the American people want this change.

The president is merely instilling the will of the People. The remaining Republicans can be a part of the restoration of our country or continue to whine every single step.

They'll end up like Sean Hannity, who's looking quite insane without Holmes; or your dear, beloved Ann Coulter, who has to pick fights with Barbara Walters to gain attention (a woman, mind you, whom Coulter owes her career to); or they might end up like Rush Limbaugh - hurt, confused, still popular in flyover states, but beating the same dead horse. All of them, O'Reilly included, are still trying to play the morals card when intelligence is the political currency. Step aside, it's time to stop shouting and start thinking.

It's time to get to work. The previous residents of the White House left this mess and a President has come to clean up. It won't be easy, and every decision he makes won't make everyone happy, but for the first time this millennium, there's a plan in place. I'm comforted knowing that.

bmo said...

Amazing how people don't understand the difference between a democracy and a republic. Great post With Bias! Great thanks to Eric Cantor for a great job! You have to wonder why "that one" would even mentioned Rush. Stupid move for sure! On to the Senate!

Anonymous said...

Tom S P, You need to start reading a book or go outside or just stop

machinepolitick said...

Obama is behaving exactly the way I expected him to behave. He is a bully aspiring to be a tyrant. I would expect no less giving his associations.
As to freedom of speech, you raise a good point. The 1st Ammendment grants protection OF speech, not From speech. That means everyone can promote their views regardless of majority opinion. Before any of you jump on me for being an evangelical wing-nut, I'm an atheist Libertarian. I realize that makes me a different, and worse kind of monster. It's hard to argue against someone who wants control of and responsibility for their own actions.
I don't always agree with everything on this blog, or any other for that matter, but I do enjoy reading it. I am open to all points of view, because it gives me perspective. At the end of the day, censorship is bad for everyone, even if you agree that it is a proper function of government. Your party won't always be in power. These laws don't go away with the next regime change, and you may find yourselves on the receiving end of the Fairness Doctrine one day. Just a thought, and I'm glad to say I'm full of them.

robert verdi said...

Obama is a fool to tangle with rush

commoncents said...

Great post!!

Very very insightful. Keep up the excellent work....

Anonymous said...

There are many good things about the Stimulus package that do need to happen, but there are many things that can be put on the back burner or are just way too expensive in the first place.

If you go to - this website has put together all the project listed by America's Mayors as 'shovel-ready' - some projects are worth while, but OMG there are some projects that will cost a fortune for absolutely no benefit to the general public. - listed by states, cost and how many people estimated to be employed.

It's way too much pork and fat!!!