Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Obama Names Hyde Park Neighbor as Sec. of Education

So we heard from the imaginary "Office of the President Elect" today. And I've got to tell you Barack Obama has No Shame. None. Did he call a Press Conference to address the growing concern about the involvement of his staff in the Blago pay to play scheme? No you'll have to wait another Two weeks to find out what that 'internal investigation' uncovered. Today Barack Obama announced his pick for Secretary of Education, Arne Duncan. I'm sure it's a coincidence that Duncan just happens to be from Chicago's Hyde Park neighborhood, You know the same neighborhood where Obama lives along with his other Famous neighbors....

H/T HillBuzz Who asks the familiar question...Who are the people in Your Neighborhood?

One of the most common themes in all of the articles I've read is that Duncan is an outstanding Basketball Player, something Obama addressed during his Press Conference today...

President Elect Obama assures us:"I did not select Arne because he's one of the best basketball players I know. Although I will say that I think we are putting together the best basketball-playing Cabinet -- in American history. And I think that is -- that is worth noting." So if I've got this right, our Country is going to hell in a hand basket, but if North Korea challenges us to a pick up game, We will Crush them? Awesome.

Arne Duncan may be the Best Chicago has to offer, but he's still from Chicago. Duncan was selected by Chicago Mayor Richard Daily for his post as CEO of Chicago Public Schools in 2000. They don't call it Daily's Machine for Nothing, one day you're running a school system with a 50 percent graduation rate and over 30 violent deaths per year, Next day You're the United States Secretary of Education. While Duncan has been employed by Chicago Public Schools since 1998 he has never taught a classroom. The Hyde Park native first got involved in Education 'reform' in 1992 when he started working on the Ariel Education Initiative after he'd given up his career in Professional Basketball. Apparently Obama thinks Duncan's grasp of the educational system is Good enough for Your family....but not necessarily good enough for the Obama girls.

From US News and World Report:

Despite their friendship, the Obamas chose not to send their daughters to Chicago public schools. Instead, they enrolled them in the private University of Chicago Laboratory Schools, where Duncan went to school as a child. The Obamas have defended their decision to send their daughters to private school, saying they are doing what's best for them.

I'm sorry I've been trying to avoid writing anything related to the Cabinet selections or the possible "future administration" of Barack Obama. But this latest display of Nepotism by The One has pushed me over the edge. The Chicago Way has come to Washington, a place that needed more Scoundrels like New York City needs more Rats.

Is this the Change America Voted for? It's being widely reported that Rahm Emanuel or "Rahmbo" as he's know in political circles, Obama's choice for Chief of staff, had contact with Blago's people about filling the senate seat. With Obama himself stalling on releasing information, people are starting (finally) to ask themselves What did the Obama transition team know and When did they know it?....If what the Gateway Pundit has more on the Emanuel-Blago Connection:

Feds Taped Rahmbo Holding 21 Conversations On Senate Seat

Seven Days of Silence--
Have you seen Rahmbo?

The feds have 21 taped conversations of Rahm Emanuel
The Chicago Sun-Times reported:

Sneed hears rumbles President-elect Barack Obama's chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel, is reportedly on 21 different taped conversations by the feds -- dealing with his boss' vacant Senate seat!

A lot of chit-chat?

Hot air?

Or trouble?

To date: Rahm's been mum. Stay tuned.

Read the entire entry here along with Numerous back articles...Gateway Pundit: Feds Taped Rahmbo Holding 21 Conversations On Senate Seat

With all this flurry around in the News, one would think Obama would want to answer the questions and move on, but something tell me he can't as John Batchelor writes at his blog:
At the routine, glum media conference in Chicago to announce the new Education Secretary, the President-Elect Barack
Obama (or PEBO) took a second question that was aimed at the still mute Rahm Emanuel. PEBO cut off the inquirer with easy rhetoric, and there was no follow-up. Again, PEBO was obliged to point to the release of the results of the Obama team internal review of all contacts with Blago and his office re the Obama Senate seat since November 4, 2008. Before? And what is the definition of contacts? And will it include lists of emails or tweets or Ims? And what about contact between Obama team members re Blago and the now departed Chief of Staff John Harris? Unknown. Live blogging from the Wall Street Journal Washington Wire (all times Eastern Time Zone):

11:55: Second question on whether Obama supports a special election for his U.S. Senate seat, also asked about Rahm Emanuel's contacts with Gov. Rod Blagojevich's office. Obama cuts him off, notes that he will release his office contacts next week. On the special election, "I've said I don't think the governor can serve effectively in his office," he said, noting that he will defer to the legislature.

So that's how it's going to Be, Huh? Pres.-Elect Obama? We can ask all the questions we want, but you'll be avoiding them until you can devise the appropriate cover story. He should Hire Jesse Jackson Jr.'s PR People, they've been working double time to come up with something that will save J to Third Power's career...Sources tell ABC news in Chicago that Jackson may have been helping the Feds all along....They haven't gotten to the Chicago Sun Times yet as they have Other sources, who are telling them Jackson "isn't in the clear yet" But it's a start.

But with the Announcement today, I'm convinced Obama's now taken ownership of his Nepotism. As one blogger commented "I wish my friend was the President-elect." What is most annoying is how surprised I am with Barack Obama's brazen arrogance. I don't know why I'd be shocked when the man allowed himself to be referred to as "the Messiah" for over a year. But I guess I should be happy with Obama's choice of Chicagoans for Secretary of Education, instead of Arne Duncan, it could have been his other neighbor... Bill Ayers.


Ruth said...

Hi have't you heard CHICAGO is going to Washington. Whitehouse here we are. The gangsta's are next. Ruth

Anonymous said...

Will this ever end?

Biased Girl said...

That's so funny, Ruth. Gansta was a word that kept running through my mind as a way to describe Obama's announcement today....

You nailed it. Thanks.

RightKlik said...

I thought Obama has barely even SPOKEN to any of his neighbors.

Pamela D. Hart said...

Mickey, I just want to know 1, just 1 person of honorable character that Obama has known for 20 years. All of his long term friends are bad news. His picks for the cabinet maybe decent, we'll see I suppose, but they aren't friends. Where are his friends? Honest to goodness friends? I was told all my life that I'm the company I keep. Did my parents lie to me?

Anonymous said...

this bum is another Clinton retread.

WomanHonorThyself said...

sorry hun but we aint seen nothin yet!

Biased Girl said...

That's just it. The old jewish proverb..tell me about your friends, and I'll tell you about the man...something like that anyway. Where are his collge buddies? Or his childhood friends?

Forget friends, does this guy have any Family that he still talks to?
Michelle and the girls didn't make it to Hawaii to see G-ma before she died, so I'm guessing they weren't close. The One hadn't seen his Mom since 1979. So who does he have "connections" to exactly? We know about his aunt and uncle from Boston? But is that it? No one can tell us who Barack went to the Prom with...or even what classes he took in college...

It's just strange.

robert verdi said...

well, most reports talk about how everyone is happy with this guy, that sounds like a status quo choice.

snaggletoothie said...

As long as Obama refuses to answer questions everyone has to come to their own conclusion about what has been going on. And my conclusions seem to always be different than what we hear from the dinosaur media.

2 Conservative Women said...

Obama is definitely a product of the Chicago political machine, and now he's bringing it with him to Washington, D.C. If you thought the Clintons were bad, just wait, you haven't seen anything yet!