Monday, December 15, 2008

ATF Confirms Arson at Sarah Palin's Church

Previously labeled "Suspicious" the Fire at Sarah Palin's home Church in Wasilla was officially ruled an Arson today.

From the Anchorage Daily News:

From the Mat-Su Borough:

Federal ATF says accelerant poured on church

MAT-SU–The federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives said an accelerant had been poured on and around the outside of the Wasilla Bible Church in multiple places, including the entrances and exits, according to an ATF news release today.

Evidence that could help determine the type of accelerant that was recovered from the fire scene is being examined by the state crime lab. Results could be returned within two weeks.

On Friday Dec. 12, when the fire started five women were inside the 35,314 square-foot church on Nicola Ave. behind Burchell High School. Responders were dispatched at about 9:40 p.m. Friday. Temperatures were below zero. No one was injured. One woman said their vehicles were plainly visible near the main adult entrance where fire began.

In a separate article the Anchorage Daily Times reports that Wasilla Bible Church is home to several prominent Alaskans not that They have any idea what the Motive for the Crime is yet...

The church, just off the Parks Highway on the western edge of town, conducts Sunday services attracting up to 1,000 people. Church members include many well-known Valley residents, including Palin, Rep. Wes Keller, R-Wasilla, and Rep. Carl Gatto, R-Palmer.

Palin's ties to the church have sparked widespread speculation about whether the person who lit the fire was motivated by that connection. However, Central Mat-Su Fire Department Chief James Steele said that idea remains in the realm of pure speculation.

"At this point, there is no information that we have that even points in that direction," he said.

Read the Full Anchorage Daily Times Article Here

Sarah Palin must reflect the Positive unstoppable attitude of her home town as the members of the Wasilla Bible Church did not let this attack on their place of worship stop them from meeting this week as Alaskan NBC affliate KTUU is reporting...

KTUU reports
"After an arsonist ruined their church Friday night, members of the Wasilla Bible Church used their hope and faith to move forward."


The Elephant Man said...

Maybe Obama's Kenyan best bud Raila Odinga decided to take a vacation . . . destination Wasilla. Seeing Palin's church he decided to engage in one of his favorite activities; burning christian churches (he's burned 700 + in Kenya to date). Or maybe it was just a black liberation disciple of Rev. Wright spreading Wright's message of love and peace. Who really knows? What we do know . . . Palin's not gonna end up in the same place as the aforementioned.

robert verdi said...

well, we shall see, but what kind of person burn a church?

RightKlik said...

Wouldn't surprise me at all if this turns out to be the work of a lunatic leftist.

Kevin Lakes said...

Of course it wouldn't, RightKlik.

You blame everything on leftists.

Biased Girl said...

I'm just praying that the investigation actually determines who is responsible so they can be punished.

Still waiting for the Outrage from the OLM...

Grace Explosion said...

Waiting... waiting... waiting... still waiting... for outrage from the left or the MSM.

They are biased and prejudiced and discriminate. They are a greater evil than they pretend to be "against", imo.

Grace Explosion said...

Elephant Man... can you cite sources?? I think it's very interesting to see that 700+ Christian churches have been burned by a Socialist Obama campaigned for. Odinga claimed to be a Christian - and I saw Muslim in his political agreements. I'm not disbelieving you, would love to see the source for further follow up and maybe a blog.

It's what I see coming from Obama, potentially, when the smokescreen clears.