Thursday, November 6, 2008

We the People...need to be Involved

Since the announcement of President elect Barack Obama, the stock market crashed 10 percent, the worst since 1987, Hamas fired 35 Missiles to Israel, AJad called from Iran to congratulate Obama, and Russia announced they are placing missiles on the border of Poland. That all happened in the last 36 hours. So we afford to be complacent. Americans need to stay engaged and involved.

We The People that did not Vote for Barack Obama must remain diligent over the Democratic Controlled Congress. We must be aware of every bill they attempt to slide past our faces. We must protect Free Speech, the rights of the Unborn and our 2nd Amendment. We must fight for Tax protection and a free market. Most importantly we Must defend our Troops at all cost. Ready to get to Work? On the GOP website you can look up your representatives' contact information by entering in your zip code. Give them a call or shoot them an e-mail as often as you'd like, you can remind them Who they actually work for....Find your Representatives Now.

I've been contacted by several people that have decided they would like to and I'm quoting now..."Do something before 2010". Well, I'm a salesperson by day, and I'm going to share a little secret with you, You need to sell between the Sales. That is exactly what we are going to do.

Our message is not one that lends itself to bumper sticker slogans or soundbite journalism. No, our message is best conveyed in conversations and open discussions. The first thing that we must do is Educate ourselves on the issues. Read up on what is going on in our Country and around the globe. I have found over the last few years, getting perspective is essential in real growth. Understand that our principles are simple, smaller government, lower taxes, culture of life, and strong National Defense. These are just common sense principles that are shared by people of all walks of life. So why aren't Republicans winning in landslide victories? Because we've allowed the OLM and others to stereo type our Party as being a bunch of Rich old White Guys or Hillbillies. The only way to change that stereo type is for people to find out what We are really all about. You can help that happen just by talking to people you know.

For those of you still watching the OLM-namely, NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN or MSNBC for your "News" stop doing that. On television you have Fox News, but on line you have literally unlimited sources of information. Two sites I recommend visiting daily is the DrudgeReport and, the OLM often refers to Drudge for their stories, yet demonize him as a Conservative Blogger. Truth is Drudge is a headline site. Matt Drudge the father of blogging, posts all the most interesting headlines and he updates them throughout the day. These links come from articles from around the globe. This is a fantastic way to keep up with what's going on in the World. Another site that I would recommend is, this site offers Headlines from all over in a number of different categories and topics, it also features Opinion blogs on top stories too. The first step is choosing to stand up for something, being informed gives you the ammunition to inform others.

Want to make sure this doesn't happen again in 2010? Get involved, Today. Below I've put together some information on different organizations that will allow you to do something. Don't wait. Pick one that feels right to you and commit. Doing something always cures anxiety.

The first option is the Republican National Committee. I'm giving you a link to the GOP State page, You can find your state, Join the RNC, find local events, featured speakers, fundraisers etc. This is a great way to make a real impact on the local level. It's also a fantastic way to meet like minded individuals. These groups are active even in non-election years, so they are always Welcoming to New members.

For those that have more of an interest in strictly Conservative issues, I highly recommend the American Conservative Union, this is the group behind the Conservative American Political Conference held each year, a symposium of conservative thinkers. I have attended local CPAC events in Richmond and it was always worth the price of admission. You should be able to find a local chapter in your area.

The women behind Team Sarah, a group founded in partnership with the Susan B. Anthony foundation is currently forming chapters to promote Strong Conservative Female candidates. If you were inspired by Sarah Palin's and want to see more like her in the Political future. This group while very new has a great deal of commitment and is highly motivated.

This is a very incomplete list, but a great starting point. Starting Tomorrow I will put a permanent sidebar with all of these links as well as several others, so if you ever want to refer back or share with a friend, they will be easy to find. These groups will welcome your time or your donations, which ever you can spare.

Take all those emotions that you are currently feeling and direct them to something positive. We can not change the outcome of this election, but we've already got 2010 in our sites. I guarantee you, This Revolution Will Not Be Televised....


The Gunslinger said...

I read your comment on a news story about media bias (at another site); you burn with the same rage I do. I want to ruin the bastards. Obama is the Media's President. The made him, they packaged, him, they sold him.

They literally rigged the election with their devastating and monstrously biased coverage. Their actions were anti-American. Undermining a fair and free election really can't be called anything else.

As for our job now. I totally agree. Time for the purges to begin! No moderates, no RINOs, no idiots who bring cupcakes to gunfights anymore.

This is WAR...war for the survival of America, and we'd better start taking it damned seriously.

RooForLife said...

Please Join Me! Stand True is a Christ Centered, loving, compassionate Pro-life organization. Social justice begins in the womb and requires action. This is a community for pro-lifers to encourage each other, share ideas and help build a culture of life. if you have any questions:

TomFox224 said...

Hey BiasedGirl:

I left you a comment over on TammyBruce's blog. But now that I see you have a blog here, maybe I'll just post here instead.

At any rate, I'm a liberal and certainly interested in engaging in conversation about the topics of the day.



Pamela D. Hart said...

Mickey, thanks for the links. The left-wing media has me in an uproar, too. I want to boycott them. Or as The Gunslinger commented "ruin the bastards". But what better way to get back than to take back our party! Let's get 'em!