Wednesday, November 5, 2008

America has Spoken

The people have spoken....and they've choosen Barack Obama. I am obviously very disappointed with the Outcome, but as I am not a Liberal, I will not spend the next 2years crying that he Stole the election. He bought and paid for it, so It's rightfully his in my opinion. Congrats to His Supporters.....You did this. Just remember that.

John McCain attempted to overcome insurrmountable Odds to win a Nation that was brainwashed into believing President Bush is the cause for all their problems. Considering the fact that McCain pulled in over 55 Million Votes, tells me that all is not lost, their will be Opposition to the Marxist ideology of the New President.

I want to Thank John McCain for his efforts, he fought to the finish when lesser men would have given up long ago. You may not be President, Sen McCain but you are a Real American Hero and we'll be counting on you in the Senate to protect us from true Socialism.

As for Sarah Palin, she has inspired me throughout this campaign. I hope that she takes a leading role in the Conservative Movement. I will be following her career no matter what direction it takes. As a Conservative Woman, I am proud to have Voted for her in this historic election.

So dear Readers, this is not what I was hoping for America in this election cycle, but it doesn't Change who I am or what I believe. I'm a Conservative who Loves America. That will never "Change".

Just a few thoughts to make you Smile...

1. Now Americans Can't be called Racist anymore
2. The Media can't blame everything that happens on George W. Bush
3. You "Won't have to worry about paying your Mortgage"- Obama's got it
4. You can now order those "Don't Blame me I voted for McCain" stickers
5. If Obama's as inept as I believe he will be....We should Win in a landslide in 2012.


Brian said...

4. You can now order those "Don't Blame me I voted for McCain" stickers

I suppose you already proudly display a "Blame me! I voted for Bush!" sticker.

Biased Girl said...

I still have the W on my car and it will remain there until Jan 20th, 2009.

I'll ask you Obama supporters if you still feel the the same in 4 years.

Anonymous said...

typical hateful lib response Brian.

It doesn't change who we are as Conservatives. And yes... you cant blame Bush anymore.

MassManiac said...

Good blog, stick to your guns. metaphorically speaking and otherwise. There are still plenty of us conservatives around who will keep on fighting the good fight.

Randy Marsh said...

Anyone driving around with a "W" sticker at any time since 2003 is beyond "bias". They're beyond reason. They're just...STUPID. Ignorant, and stupid.

I don't care what you're political leanings are.

You need to get real.

Anonymous said...

It's amazing to me that anyone would support Bush at this point. I guess in the end Hitler also had support. This presidency has been a total disaster. It is obvious why Bush will go down as the most unpopular president in the history of the US. Argue against this as I'm sure you will but the fact remains that you are now a tiny minority in the US. The people have spoken - Bush: The most unpopular and unsuccessful president in the History of the US.

I Danced With My Daddy said...

Troll be trollin. Almost got me there. Try to sound a bit more intelligent next time. Remember, you can't make it too obvious. A good troll is never caught and tries to be "realistic".

d said...

It's too bad you are so deluded that you think Bush is a conservative. There is no such thing anymore. You should work on that.

Anonymous said...

Why are you so filled with hate?