Monday, November 3, 2008

We the People...It's Time to Vote!!

The time has come the interview is over and it's time for America to decide who they will hire as the next President of the United States. I will be offering the job to John McCain and his running mate Sarah Palin, because He is the Best Candidate for the Job. He has the most experience, he has the right ideas, and most importantly he's willing to do the work the position requires. Nothing will stop me from casting my Vote for John McCain. Regardless of how the OLM will say I'll have long lines, and waiting...if need be, I'll wait.

John McCain can win this thing, but he needs each of us to do our part. He's now tied in all the swing states, so it will come down to exactly what I told you all along....Voter Turn Out. That's how elections are won and lost. Actual Votes. Remember the National numbers had John Kerry winning by 6 point in 2004, Thank God we actually Voted.

The following video sums it up....We the People have an opportunity to take our Country back from leftist extremist like Obama and his friends, by Voting for John McCain......"Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Peace"

John McCain will lead this country in the direction we need to go. He stands up for Small Business and lower taxes, that's good for the Economy. He supports an "all of the above" approach to energy, which affects the Economy as well as National Security. He thinks that Government needs to eliminate 'wasteful spending", I couldn't agree more, he's actually even done it before! When he stood up for Tax payers against defense contractors who were fleecing us through their Reps in Congress.

On the Two Major Issues for this Election: Iraq and Economy- John McCain has been Right and Barack Obama couldn't have been more wrong.

When everyone else wanted to give up on Iraq, John McCain stood up for America and her troops, putting his political career at Risk to support the Surge. Barack Obama wanted to retreat in defeat. Turns out John McCain was Right.

In 2005, John McCain started sounding the alarm about Fannie and Freddie. Barack Obama praised "affordable housing" offered by sub-prime mortgages. Turns out McCain was right about that as well.

John McCain has earned my Vote. I will be the first person in line to Cast it tomorrow morning.

The other candidate, Barack Obama has shown himself throughout this interview process to be a liar, a thief, and a Marxist. I'm not sure why he's even still on the Ballot. But apparently there are those who doubt he's "as bad as he seems".

I think the latest revelation about the Coal industry is actually a perfect summation of what Barack Obama really represents. See Obama's been out claiming to support Coal in his speeches, in his ads, and through his surrogates both hired and of course the OLM. He tells the People of Pennsylvania, Ohio, Virginia, Colorado and others that He supports "Clean Coal Technology"...well as Obama says 'Words Matter'. And in this case Obama has made it clear through his statements in January of this year, he plans to bankrupt the Coal industry through higher fines and regulations. So when Obama says "Clean Coal" what he really means is NO coal. It's all how you say it.

So he plans to Bankrupt an industry. In addition to the thousands of jobs that will be lost, and added Bonus for Obama is that energy costs will "Skyrocket", forcing Americans to change their "habits". So while Obama is out there proclaiming to want Energy Independence, in actuality he plans to shut down the Coal industry which produces around 54% of our electricity. That doesn't sound like the path of independence to me. It sounds like Jimmy Carter. He did so much for America's Coal Industry..that whole Department of Energy really helped keep Americans working in Coal producing states didn't it?

Obama upon hearing his own words used against him, released a statement saying he was taken out of context. So he didn't really say he planned to bankrupt an entire industry? Funny, I heard him say it myself, then I watched the Video of him saying it and I'm pretty sure that is exactly what he said. Context or No.

But again this Coal Story is just a prime example of why I wouldn't hire Barack Obama to feed my cats. He is a liar, and when he gets caught in a lie, he lies some more. He will say anything to get elected. Anything. He takes zero responsibility for any scandal he's been associated.

When it was found out Obama did some shady real estate deal to buy his house with convicted felon Tony Rezco, Obama called it a "bone headed move". Funny that's the exact same term he used when it was found out he thought Pennsylvanians were "Bitter, clinging to guns and religion". Yep he called that "Bone headed" too.

When controversy first started over Rev. Wright, Obama said he couldn't disown the man who married him, baptized his children and mentored him for over 20 years. But then Obama did Disavow Rev. Wright, when the relationship was seen to have a negative impact on Primary Voters. Poor Hillary. After the Rev's story broke, Obama couldn't win a Primary, but it was too late for Hillary, they took away her Victories in Florida and Michigan to hand the nomination to Obama.

Obama dismissed Bill Ayers as a 'guy from my neighborhood'. I live in a neighborhood too, I don't make public policy with my neighbors. Normally we just wave while we're getting the mail. Obviously, Obama's neighborhood is different.

Obama when questioned about his relationship with former PLO spokesman, Rashid Khalidi, Obama said "he's not one of my advisors". Okay, but clearly you are friends, I mean you did say you have dinner a lot and they baby sit your kids, so I'm guessing you're on a first name basis. But I am glad that Obama draws the line at Friend and not Advisor for Terrorists.

When it became clear that his mantra of "Tax Cuts for 95% of Americans" was completely unfounded. He started backtracking and adding words to his sentences to try and make them sound more true. "Working Americans" etc, but the truth is Obama plans to Raise Taxes, he has said so Repeatedly. He just says it in a way that sounds better. I'm going to make 'others pay their fair share". Trust me if companies get taxed more, everything costs more and jobs are inevitably lost.

What is beyond ironic to me is that the one thing that has given Obama his lead in the polls was as he is so fond of saying "The Greatest Economic Crisis of Our Time". Meanwhile in Reality, Obama, his friends at ACORN and of course his donors at Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are more responsible than Anyone for the current economic downturn. Crazy.

What was the one Constant in all these cases? Obama lied, then changed his story and most importantly...The Media Covered it All Up. Just another reason to Vote for McCain.

Don't listen to the Polls or the Media. They want you to stay home tomorrow. Don't let them Win. Get in Line, brave the cold, do whatever you need to do, but Vote.

Let Your Voice Be Heard. Get Out and Vote. We the People will decide who Wins this election not the OLM or the Polls.

Tomorrow We Meet At Dawn. Vote McCain/Palin.

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