Thursday, October 9, 2008

Making Race the Issue

It all started with a picture. I got an e-mail this afternoon from one of my very best friends who just happens to be black, it was then that this "Racist" non-sense the liberal media is promoting hit my home. The e-mail contained a racially charged photo depicting McCain Palin supporters as well ...Racist. The more I thought about it the more I realized this picture didn't just appear in a random e-mail. It came from somewhere. The minute I got home I started researching the picture online. At first I found a copy at, the self titled most visited black website in the world, they had added a caption suggesting this was how most McCain supporters felt. My spidey senses started to tingle. As I continued my search I found another copy of the picture on the blog of a black "baptist", according to his commentary he was sent the picture from a friend of a friend and that it was taken with a cell phone camera. What a coincidence! The day the Barack Obama surrogates are out calling anyone who says anything Truthful about their candidate a "racist"... this picture is widely distributed on line. Creepy. You'd almost think it was a coordinated effort...

This whole situation got me thinking, I am the least racist person on the planet and I believe literally anyone who knows me would willingly confirm this. If I'm getting called out for supporting McCain, the Obama Loving Media (OLM) is creating mass hysteria. I've been saying for awhile that I'd like to file a lawsuit against those members of the mainstream media that have failed to report on important issues like say oh I don't know...Republicans are saying we need to get a handle on Fannie and Freddie anytime from 2001 to a month ago. Instead they focused for the last 8 years on Bashing Bush, literally from the moment he won, they've been out to get him. Anyway, as irritated as I have been with the OLM it wasn't until today that I realized their rantings could be dangerous.

Now my friend is the dearest sweetest person on the planet and I half believe he sent it to me just to get a rise out of me, but in any case the OLM has made it acceptable to call people racist to their face for voting for the McCain/Palin ticket. All day long they were out explaining the new rules on what is or is not acceptable to say about Barack Obama describing what they called "code words" that are racially charged like "Hockey Mom", "Joe Six Pack" and my personal favorite "That One". Apparently these Obama surrogates have never heard of a little thing I like to call the First Amendment. What will be on the list tomorrow? Who knows? But if Obama's elected get used to it Anti-Obama articles have been magically disappearing off the web for weeks. The OLM have been running cover for him for months, utilizing the Marxist principle "who or whatever controls the language controls thought".

Well since I still have the Right to speak out against Obama, as well as the lies his surrogates are spreading, I am going to use my time wisely. I am more committed than ever to exposing Obama and the Democratic party for the frauds they are. Fittingly I am starting with this "all Republicans are racist nonsense". as the saying goes, "you are entitled to your own opinion, not your own facts." It also occurred to me that crying "Racist" while unethical is a pretty effective tactic. It usually gets people to stop saying whatever term was deemed offensive. Since this is the new narrative, this is going to be happening a lot. The only way to combat these emotionally charged attacks is with the one thing that liberals fear most: Cold Hard Facts. I'm passing along my antidote to this madness plaguing Liberals all across America.

As everyone knows Abraham Lincoln a Republican freed the slaves, yet many pass that off for some reason as being insignificant. Creating a Free Society takes time and history shows for over 200 years, Republicans pushed for equality amongst all citizens, while Democrats opposed black Americans at every turn. Starting with the Abolitionists all the ones you know were the first Republicans, Harriot Tubman, Fredrick Douglas, George Washington Carver just to name a few. Martin Luther King Jr. registered as a Republican in 1956. It was the Republicans in congress that supported King's march on Washington when John F. Kennedy opposed it. Not really surprising considering he had voted against the civil rights act prior to his Presidency. Somehow the Democrats have managed to hijack history, painting themselves as the party of civil rights when nothing could be further from the truth.

Southern Democrats blocked Civil Rights legislation each time it was introduced, it is said the Democrats are the party of segregation, due to their support of Jim Crow laws. It was the Republicans in congress that pressed for Civil Rights legislation ultimately resulting in the Civil Rights Act of 1964 passed in spite of Democratic Resistance. Now here is where the Democratic party makes it's move. After the passing of Martin Luther King there was a power vacuum at the head of the black civil rights movement, several pseudo leaders emerged but none had the charisma nor integrity of Martin Luther King Jr. Power Corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Jesse Jackson and others stepped up as the voice of the "people" demanding more programs for those lower income families. These leaders sold out the black people they claimed to represent. By creating a government entitlement state, entire black neighborhoods became dependent on government support thus virtually incapable of taking care of themselves. It stands to reason if you depend on the government for everything, you lose some of that natural survival instinct. This was evident in the after math of Katrina, those poor people of New Orleans had become so depend on the government they had neither the means nor the awareness of self preservation to get out of the city. It was then I realized we had a much bigger problem on our hands than just the Hurricane. I remember the term 'thin veil of society' being used a great deal.

While the OLM likes to blame Evil Republicans for the plight of the downtrodden. It was the Democrats and their damn social programs that have destroyed the nuclear family of all poor people regardless of color. Daddy Government becomes the provider, eliminating the need for an actual father/husband. These men no longer have a place in the socially engineered society designed by the Democrats leaving them frustrated and struggling to find their role. Often over compensating with drugs, alcohol or violent activity.

You tell me coincidence or not Crack Cocaine becomes rampant in urban neighborhoods in the early Eighties, after the Democrats have been infiltrating the black communities with government programs for about 18 years? Who do Blacks blame for the Crack problem? Ronald Reagan, the man who made Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday a national holiday and named Colin Powell as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Does that even make sense? George W. Bush named Powell the Secretary of State and appointed Condelezza Rice National Security Advisor before naming her Secretary of State. Instead of praise for these two strong black leaders, they have been mercilessly mocked by the same communities from which they came. Called "uncle toms" and "house N--". And we're the party of racism? I beg to differ.

Fast forward to present day, the AP called Sarah Palins questioning of Obama's relationship with Bill Ayers the unrepentant domestic terrorist, and I'm quoting now "racially tinged". What? Ayers is a white traitor. It's not racist, but it doesn't look good for Obama and that is a big No-No, but they can't just come out and say "Stop telling people the truth, it's not good for our campaign" so instead they do the next best thing, they say it's racist to talk about Obama's relationship with Bill Ayers, thus making it an untouchable subject. Senate Majority Leader Henry Reid,(D) came out today saying that looking into Fannie and Freddie was some how racist as well. We already know we can't talk about Jeremiah Wright, HE is a Racist. Although to bring him up, makes you one. It's also racist to say Barack Hussein Obama, but apparently it's not racist to say that most white people are afraid of Black People. These rules can be a bit confusing. With the additions of the "code words" today, I'm interested to find out what the new "code words" that will be added to list tomorrow, I'm guessing "ACORN" "Socialist New Party" and possibly "Joe Biden". Expect it the situation to continue to deteriorate as long as the OLM capitulates to the Obama Campaign's wishes. The Left's exploitation and control of the liberal leaning medias is straight out of the communist handbook. Today it was announced Barack Obama has purchased 30 minutes of air-time on CBS during prime programming hours. The 24 hour Obama love fest on CNN and MSNBC clearly aren't enough for him to win this election. Apparently he actually thinks an infomercial will close the deal.

The Obama camp is getting desperate when they've resorted to race baiting. Some of Obama's supporters have gone on record as saying if Obama doesn't win it's because America is Racist. This flies in the face of reality however as the latest Gallop poll shows that Obama's race is actually HELPING him. This doesn't stop them though from fanning the flames of racial tensions, some going so far as to predict a 'backlash' if McCain wins. Why do you think we haven't seen much of Joe Biden? It's probably another coincidence, I'm sure it has nothing to do with all the racist 'gaffes' Biden has delivered over the years. At this rate we'll be lucky to see him again before the election. This Race nonsense is a campaign strategy created as a Hail Mary when the real Barack Obama is on the verge of being revealed. They know this race is turning McCain's way and they want to stop that momentum by any means necessary. Even if that means manufacturing a racial uprising. And we're supposed to believe Obama will be the President for All Americans? Really even us Racists?

The bottom line is this I am NOT a Racist because I am voting for John McCain. Republicans are the party of civil rights regardless of how poorly we are portrayed in the OLM. Republicans don't care if your black, white, brown or whatever, as long as you have faith in the American People not the American Government.

Barack Obama is the antithesis of what I believe in: He supports Bigger Government; Higher Taxes, He supports live birth abortions, He is way too comfortable with people who hate America, He will not drill for oil, He is Weak on National Security, He is a nightmare on Foreign Policy. There are many reasons why I would never vote for Barack Obama not one of them has anything to do with the color of his skin. He's the one that started all this, saying "They're going to tell you He doesn't look like you." or my personal favorite "They're going to tell you He's got a funny name". I defy you to find me one Republican who has ever said anything of the sort. So if Obama and his liberal friends are intent on destroying society if we don't give them their way the very least we can do is to arm ourselves with facts and pray Forgive them father for they know not what they do.

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