Saturday, October 11, 2008

Bill Ayers: The Tip of Obama's Scandalous Iceberg

In light of the recent Acorn and Bill Ayers stories finally breaking into the mass media, the Obama camp has put forth a interesting new narrative that I don't think will play out quite as they hope that it will. When the news broke that Obama launched his political career at the home of "Weather Underground" members , Bill Ayers and Bernadette Dorhn. The first reaction of the Obama campaign was to assert that he didn't know that either of them were terrorists. So you are telling us, "He's stupid"? I guess that sounds better than 'Obama has been friends with a known terrorist for years'...... but when stupidity trumps the alternative neither answer is probably good.

Now I was only a teenager when several Weather Underground members were arrested and tried for the Brink's bombing, those stories went into great detail about the organization's goals and it's history with specific focus on Bill Ayers. Not only because Ayers was a founding member of Weather Underground but also because he and his wife had adopted the child of two other members convicted in the Brinks bombing. So I am supposed to believe that Obama this politically minded activist would not have at least heard of Bill Ayers and the Weather Underground? This is how bad this alliance is effecting the Obama campaign. They are literally coming out and telling us that Obama doesn't intentionally hang out with domestic terrorists, he is just stupid? That is the upside? It would have been almost impossible for Obama not to know about what Ayers and Dohrn's background, but assuming that is actually true, is he really smart enough to be president?

Going along with their narrative we're to believe that Barack Obama launched his entire political career at a stranger's home. They suggest that Obama was just a newcomer to the scene and that he blindly followed the advice of his associates such as Alice Palmer, suggesting Palmer set up the event, a claim that Palmer recently denied. But again assuming this version of events is true, Barack Obama must be the most inept politician of all time, what person worth his salt that wants to appeal to all voters would ever willingly accept the endorsement of someone they know nothing about?

I guess even the Obama campaign realized this was a double edged explanation because Barack Obama did what he always does when challenged on an issue. He changed his answer. During an interview with ABC News this week, Obama said he "thought Ayers was rehabbed". So now Barack did know Ayers was a domestic terrorists, but thought he was rehabilitated? Why would he think that? To this day hasn't apologized for his actions, I just saw one of Ayer's victims on television this morning, he didn't seem to think that Ayers was 'rehabbed', he thought he was an unrepentant terrorist responsible for the bombing of his house. So I doubt Ayers was 'rehabbed' in 1987 when Obama actually first met him. See much has been made about the 1995 event at Ayers house as the first official record of the two meeting. What the Obama people fear will eventually come out is that Ayers and Obama were first associated in the late 80's. During those days that Obama likes to brag about being a 'community organizer' his Developing Communities Project was part of the Alliance for Better Chicago Schools an organization for which Ayers was a known activist. So when the McCain campaign says that Obama is being 'less than truthful' and that the ties between Ayers and Obama 'run deep' they are not exaggerating or fear mongering they are telling the American people the truth. Something Obama seemingly is incapable of doing himself.

Just this morning on Fox News one of Obama's campaign spokesman was asked to explain the candidates evolving answers about his relationship with Bill Ayers. As the spokesman launched into a rant about attacks being a distraction from the economy, he struggled to remain composed saying he'd already answered this question several times. When Alisyn Camerota pressed for him to actually answer the question, he resorted to blaming the questions, then the feed was cut. I could almost picture David Axelrod, Obama's campaign advisor walking over to the wall and pulling the plug on the other end.

Why is the Obama camp desperately trying to downplay this Ayers connection? Because the fact that Ayers is a terrorist is only part of his charm. He's also a radical education proponent. Bill Ayers has said that the most important aspect of education is to "radicalize the students", and by radical I don't mean he just wanted Sex Ed for six year olds, I mean that at one time Ayers suggested kids should go home and kill their parents. Now with that lovely thought in mind, in 1995, the same year Obama claims to have been introduced to Bill Ayers, Barack Obama was selected to hand out the $50 Million dollar grant Ayers received for his Chicago Annenberg Challenge. So apparently Ayers felt that he knew Obama enough to trust him with the grant money. Where did all that money end up? With groups that subscribed to Marxist ideology that placed more importance on politicizing children with 'race based initiatives' as well as 'teaching peaceful conflict resolution' versus teaching them to read, write and most importantly think for themselves. See why the Obama people want us to stop asking questions?

I've developed another question researching this blog, does it go back father than that? The secrecy behind Obama's time at Columbia has led to wide spread speculation about his time on campus. Ayers also attended Columbia Teacher College around the same time. What lies in those missing years that Obama refuses to release to the public. We can't get a transcript, a list of classes or even a list of what student groups he was a member. How far back do Obama's radical ties really go?

Obama supporters as well as Obama himself have also suggested that Obama was only 8 years old, when Ayers committed his acts of terrorism against other American citizens, but that is also less than truthful, the last terrorist act claimed by the "Weather Underground" was in 1980's the aformentioned Brink's Bombing, while Obama was a student at Columbia. Obama was 30 years old in 1990 when the last Weather Underground member was convicted in that case. The Ayers-Obama connections are so strong that some have suggested that Ayers was actually the ghost writer on Obama's first book "Dreams from my Father" as it varies so distinctly from the candidates later books as well as his other writings at the time.

With these many unresolved issues concerning Obama and Ayer's relationship, it is disingenuous for the Obama camp to characterize these questions about Barack's alliances with Bill Ayers and so many others as a "distraction." Quite the opposite, I think it's great that America is finally paying attention. Ayers is only one component of Obama's shady circle of friends, including Tony Rekzo, ACORN, Nadhmi Auchi , Frank Marshall Davis, just to name a few. Obama has yet to go on record with anything close to the truth about any of this. In fact in most cases their first instinct is to lie. Case in point, as news reports surfaced this week about Obama ties to ACORN, the bizarre organization at the root of voter fraud as well as the housing crisis, an Obama spokesman denied the candidate had ever been involved with the group. Problem with that theory is that Barack Obama represented ACORN in their lawsuit forcing banks to give loans to people who can't afford them. ACORN's management was so impressed with Obama's handling of that case they eventually hired him as a trainer for their "Project Vote" initiative. Is it good when you can connect a Presidential Candidate to a terrorist, voter fraud, known communists, a felon, someone connected with Saddam Hussein's regime and the 'greatest economic collapse of all time in one paragraph? Doesn't sound good.

This isn't a guilt by association story about Bill Ayers, this is a life time of Marxist beliefs by Barack Obama. The blame America first circles where Obama developed his political philosophies should cause all Americans real concern. Their ideas about education, religion, social engineering, and thought control are NOT mainstream to most Americans. So as the Obama camp tries the old "pay no attention to that man behind the curtain" line, American needs to demand that the curtain be pulled back. For a Man who talks about the need for transparency, he certainly isn't practicing what he preaches. As John McCain himself has said about Obama "he's written two memoirs but he's not exactly an open book."

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