Wednesday, March 5, 2014

My Very First Book Review: Finding Mr. Righteous

I like most of the Conservatives online have been waiting for "Finding Mr. Righteous" by my friend and complicated Conservative girl, Lisa De Pasquale. After reading it and a few of the online reviews I felt compelled to throw my two cents into the conversation. So here is my first book review.  In full disclosure, I do consider Lisa a friend and she has baked for me, so true to my nature this review may be slightly "Biased".

I had talked to Lisa prior to the book coming out and asked what the early reviewers were saying.  She said it was mostly positive feedback but that some seemed shocked by her honesty.  I bet they were. Ann Coulter called it a Christian story disguised as "Racy Chick Lit", well that's part of it. I just thought there was also another message within the pages.  

"Finding Mr. Righteous" gives the world a glimpse into the life of a single girl in the dreadful world of Washington, DC. I found the author's brutal  honesty the book's most charming feature. While other reviews seemed focused on the Religious aspect of the book, forgive me if I think that pigeon holes it just a bit.

Lisa pours her heart onto those pages, her vulnerable, generous, self-conscious heart and it is a beautiful yet bitter sweet tale to which all women, especially those who have searched for "Mr. Right", can relate.  The constant self judgement that everyone feels. The insecurities that keep us from becoming as Oprah would say our "Best Selves".  Lisa shines a bold spotlight on her own insecurities and the lengths she has gone to please others, specifically the men in her life.  We follow her journey of self awareness and acceptance in a world that doesn't always make it easy.

Sharing her most intimate fears and thoughts with the reader, Lisa paints a realistic portrait of the relationship obstacles we all face. All the while weaving a juicy "Inside The Beltway" tell all. Between DC events, happy hours and cocktail parties, She is faced with situations that women face every day. Sometimes She chooses correctly, other times not so much. But throughout you find yourself rooting for Lisa as she stares down the never ending expectations for Love, Career, Faith and Self Acceptable.

Tongues may be wagging in DC this week, as "Insiders" try to identify the men portrayed in each chapter. Who is the Quaker? The Pastor? The Atheist?  For me, "Finding Mr. Righteous" was a journey of learning to value your own worth. Each story a reflection of the writer in the eyes from which she sees the world. This self discovery is heart felt and entertaining in a real voice that I'm certain did in fact shock some of the *Conservatives* who read it. As friend mentioned..."It's not for the faint of heart".

If you haven't yet. I highly recommend a copy for You and any of your single girl friends. Trust me it's worth every Penny!!

***It is my understanding guys like it too, but somehow I doubt they understand all of it!

Lisa will be signing books at CPAC on Friday afternoon at 2pm. 

Follow Lisa on Twitter at @LisaDeP

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