Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Just another Epic Media Fail

I struggled with what to discuss this week as the main news story has been the Boston Bombing. My thoughts and prayers go out to those affected by the bombs. Those in Boston and their friends and family around the world.  As this story broke at first I experienced the shock of another attack on American soil, by some kind of terrorist. Domestic or Foreign really doesn't matter to me. The distinction is lost on me. They are terrorists. Find them. Deal with them. Figure out the "why they hate us" later.

I also came to harsh realization about myself while watching the coverage. I'm becoming jaded. Really jaded. Those who have known me for years would tell you that on a good day I struggle to be empathetic or sympathetic to others. But lately all the tragedy and victim porn propagated by the Media has started to dull my emotions to a point that quite frankly is uncomfortable.   I'm about to sound like a horrible awful person. but the constant parade of victims and "faces of tragedy" is just getting to be too much.

I don't blame the victims. I blame the Media and in many cases the Obama administration. I mean the big story prior to the bombings in Boston was that some of the Newtown parents were getting a ride on Air Force One.

Ann Coulter took a lot of heat for her criticisms of the 9/11 Widows, love her or hate her she at least addressed the subject of bringing forth victims as a way to eliminate any debate. This tactic has become the basis for all of our current political media.

The media exploits the victims that suit their agenda and it's dulling our senses.

It's gotten to the point now that the Media no longer bothers to even wait for the appropriate confirmations before going public with a story.  Today CNN and many other news outlets the AP included ran with a report from a "source" that an arrest had been made, and with in fifteen minutes reports varied from the suspect was in custody and being taken to the Federal Court House and might include multiple arrests.

As Amanda Carpenter pointed out so beautifully, "it was like a giant game of telephone"... the story growing with each retelling.   There was only one problem.  It wasn't true.  There hadn't been any arrests made at all. All of the reporting networks began walking back their initial reports blaming everyone from their "source" to the "fog of war".  I prefer the term: Wrong.  in the race to be first no on bothered to stop and make sure the information was correct.

 The FBI was sending people out to say they didn't even have a Name yet, might be true, might be a case of trying to minimize the damage of the faulty reports.  Which by the way the FBI seemed none to pleased about those "unintended consequences" and openly said so to a few outlets. 

Why does anyone trust these people to deliver the "news"? Credibility used to be everything for a reporter, now that seems to be secondary.

We've complained about bias for years, and now we do have some conservative alternatives. Be we need to demand some accountability and responsibility from every putting out so called "News" or we might as well just read "The Onion" and watch "The Daily Show". 

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