Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Obama's First Day at Work, My Last One

I kept telling myself last week, if I can get past Tuesday. Everything will return to relative normal. I responded to CBS's "Yes We Can" Monday, by watching old Steelers films on the NFL Network. I was doing good. Then last night as I was falling asleep, I said a special prayer for my Country and my Co-workers to survive the events of January 20th. For weeks rumors have swirled about My company's plan to 'restructure' for the new economy, and we got word via the New York press last week that today was D-Day. I did not survive the cuts. Just hours before Barack H. Obama was to be sworn in as the 44th President of the United States, I was "let go". Some times things happen that are just too strange to be coincidence.

Add to the already growing weirdness, I will remind you that, I wrote a blog during the run-up to the election explaining the economic and unemployment fall-out from an Obama victory. I didn't and don't want to go into my specific field, but know that my industry relies on small businesses. I wrote in direct response to the knowledge that Millions were about to blindly cast a Vote for the Man whose policies will cause many Americans to lose their jobs. It was written out of fear and frustration at the uniformed masses making the Decision for all of us. Want some real Irony? I called the blog, "Vote for Obama! Vote Yourself Out of a Job". So it's not like I didn't know this could happen....but I didn't Vote for Obama or his recession, I voted for Sarah Palin.

At about nine o'clock this morning, I realized my scheduled had just been cleared for the remainder of the day, so I came home and settled in to watch the "Immaculate Inauguration". One reporter referred to the crowd in DC as "a sea of humanity", keeping in line with the "Royal Wedding" theme the OLM was pushing. Obama recited the oath, with limited difficulties, only slightly showing nerves at this Historic Occasion. In as much as I disagree with pretty much everything Obama says and believes. I am so proud of my Country, for the people have voted for America's First Black President, color is no longer a hindrance. In fact in Obama's case, it seems to have actually helped. Let's keep things simple and call that progress.

Obama's speech was surprisingly dull, he's usually a little stronger, but the speech meandered, mixing soaring rhetoric with awkward pausing and campaign slogans. The crowd wasn't quite as loud as I would have imagined, but they did Boo and sing that "hey, Hey Goodbye" song when President Bush was announced, so that was embarrassing. They must not have heard, We're all supposed to get along now.... They are getting the Coronation of Obama that they demanded, but they can't even show some respect for the man, The One is replacing? Liberals still have No class, some things will never Change.

Whatever the planners intentions, the Music that stole the show. Performances by Yo-Yo Ma and Itzak Perlman brought the gravitas that separated Obama's Inauguration from Finals week on American Idol. However it was Elizabeth Alexander's poem that really set the tone. Or.Should.I. say.tone. Her 'off beat delivery whether a desired effect or not, was just half the problem. I couldn't decide if it was about socialism or slavery....she actually said people in America were "darning" their something or other. It was terr.i.ble.

Then came the highlight of the birth of the Age of Obama. The closing prayer provided by Rev. Jospeh Lowery which came to the close with the following as reported by the Drudge Report, my emphasis added:

'Lord, in the memory of all the saints who from their labors rest, and in the joy of a new beginning, we ask you to help us work for that day when black will not be asked to get in back, when brown can stick around... when the red man can get ahead, man; and when white will embrace what is right. That all those who do justice and love mercy say Amen. Say Amen'...

When he did the Amen part, the crowd responded in Kind. You could almost hear the white guilt being forgiven as they chanted "Amen". Apparently, Rev. Lowery doesn't realize when they open the back door of the limo for President Obama, it's a sign of respect not RACISM. If putting a black man in the White House isn't enough to end the unnecessary cries of Racism, What on earth would be?

Barack H. Obama campaigned on a message of "Change", but his followers never bothered to ask what kind of change, he meant to bring. I thought I knew what his "changes", would bring, but I was hoping with all my heart that I was wrong for the sake of my family and our country. As I wrote in the "Vote Youself Out of a Job", Elections have consequences. If the first day is any indication, Obama's presidency certainly isn't the Change I wanted.


Lisa@verybusymomwith4 said...

I am so sorry you lost your job! I firmly believe a better job in your future!
(Maybe you could be a poet--I for one could outdo today's poet.)
Stay strong-- I see great things in 2013.
My slogan:
Carter brought us Reagan
Obama will bring us PALIN!
(Lisaindallas from SGP)

Biased Girl said...

You can e-mail me at Likethemouse@gmail.com

Tom Sanchez Prunier said...

Sorry about your job.

Sorry you blame someone who wasn't even in office when you lost it. That person is back in Texas, "for good," so he promised.

Obama is the person that will work to restore your job. It's amazing that you would blame a president who wasn't even in office.

As I wrote before, give the man a chance. He is educated, qualified and, perhaps best of all, INTERESTED in the restoration of our country.

Cappy said...

Sorry to hear about the job loss. I'm expecting something similar in the upcoming year.

I do not look forward to the administration of Barack Hussein Obama.

robert verdi said...

I wish you well, and I will say a prayer for you. Be well and be strong.

Critical Thinker said...

Sorry about the job loss, Biased. Just remember what Charles A. Beard said, "When it is dark enough, you can see the stars." Keep your chin up and everything will work out.

Anonymous said...

I have no desire to give the Most Inexperienced President Ever a chance to ruin our country. he has no plan other than to re-tool the failed policies of FDR and Carter. The growth of the federal Govt is robbing people of their ability to be self-sufficient. Look at Louisina.. permantly dependent.

Obama's plans will ruin us.. his propoganda machine, The Mainstream Media, will protect him as they anoint his as the Greatest Thing Ever.

Personally- myself, friends and family are disgusted at how little America knew about the guy.


Russet Shadows said...

Give the man a chance? I gave the man twenty years of chances. He had TWENTY YEARS to get out of that hate-whitey racist church and he couldn't. He had TWENTY YEARS to stop hanging around William Ayers. There's a difference between second chances and psychological abuse.

Anonymous said...

Well my dear this too shall pass! I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. As an optimist I would like to give him the benefit of the doubt, but haven't been impressed with him or his choices yet. Only time will tell. Maybe this is time for you to start blogging for money...look into it. This woman started just blogging about motherhood and is making tons of money...http://www.dooce.com/

Best of luck in 2009!

Leon Basin said...

Sorry, to hear about your job... keep your head up! Hope all will work out for you...

Danka Kusnir said...
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GOProgressive said...

Ah, you lost your job.....

Now you'll have time to reflect on some of your myopia, assuming you're capable of reflection.

"....unnecessary cries of racism..."? Are you kidding??
Racism didn't die on 20 January, Punkin; blogs like yours only help it to thrive!

Please don't go collect any kind of public assistance.....we'd hate to see you add hypocrisy to your other failings of character.

Biased Girl said...

Go Progressive,

I have never nor will I ever rely on the Government to fulfill my needs. I will find a way to provide for myself and my family, without looking for a Handout.

You make a lot of Assumptions for someone so "progressive". You don't know anything about me, yet judge me as a Racist and lacking character simply because I have an opinion that differs from your uniformed one.

I am truly sorry for you, as I may be without a Paycheck, but I am not lacking class or compassion which you clearly are.

Perhaps you can reflect on your own shortcomings as a person, while I look forward to My New career path.

Biased Girl said...
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Saturday afternoons in the Fall said...

sorry about the job situation but I know you will not ask the messiah for an answer why or a handout! You will be fine!
As for the Rev Lowery..its not 1964old man! last time I checked you could sit up front in the bus! How bout telling Gay-Z errr Jay-Z to stop spewing hatred towards whites...even though the media will let it slide right on by...no big deal right...yeaa.

Anonymous said...

Any candiate that has the support of the likes of Jay-Z is not worth voting for! I would love to see the first video come out of President Obama using the racial slur of N****r...will they say it's okay for him to say that because of his race? I highly doubt it and I would suspect people would be up in arms over it. I believe that even Obama thinks that's it's an effront.

That video of Jay-Z, on stage Monday night with the other rapper, is as racist as it gets.

I would also love to see Obama step up to the plate and call out these people for doing so, call out these rappers and African Americans that use that term and tell them that it is not okay, most especially in the manner of which it was said.

It debases self esteem and shows a great amount of bad form on an entire people. A few rotten eggs ruins the dozen.

Anonymous said...

Obama recited the oath, with limited difficulties? No wonder you lost your job.
Maybe you should move to Alaska and ask "your girl savior" for a job. Your incompetence and lack of intellect and class will fit perfectly with her administration out there. At least you and Palin can sit together and see Russia from her house!

Biased Girl said...

You Do know that your boy had to Recite his Oath a second time, due to the errors made the first go round. So I'm guessing "limited difficulties" is putting it mildly. :)

Anonymous said...

LOL, it wasn't his fault he had to recite it a 2nd time, the chief justice is on record as messing up. But, don't let that get in your way of your Obama bashing.

And, while I'm sorry to hear you lost your job, I don't quite think it's fair to blame a man who hadn't even taken over yet. EVERY company is cutting back right now. You'd be wise to blame the idiot who just flew out on the helicopter.

Anonymous said...

you voted for Sarah Palin? I didn't know she was running for President.

Anonymous said...

Fact: It was not a coincidence that you lost your job on Tuesday. It was absolutely contrived so the media would not run the story. Opinion: Another example of corporate manipulation that should not be allowed to continue.

Fact: Obama does not support the Fairness Doctrine. Some liberals do but he is on record as not being a supporter.

Fact: None of us voted for "his" recession as he did not own it until Tuesday. Opinion: Let's remember that prior to him going into office we have a financial crises, automobile crises, Bailouts galore, an extremely high deficit, unemployment and foreclosures at record highs and much much more.

Fact: Roberts bungled the oath. He tried to memorize it. Opinion: As you can see in the tape, Obama knows it's in error and he did redo it so there would be no controversy like someone saying he wasn't really the president. Oh wait, Fox News did that.

Fact: As the earlier posts prove, Racism is still alive in this country. Opinion: I heard about Jay Z - or as your wonderful supporter that embraces all races and creed - Gay Z while listening to a black radio station. They were upset with Jay Z and were condemning him as not being a voice for the AA community. However, in all fairness to Jay Z, a white man has never had to stand up and yell "A white man is our president" because that's the way it's always been.

Opinion: Two million people in one location which could potentially be a racially charged audience without incidence is in fact, a sea of humanity.

Fact: Boo'ing a president is embarrassing. Opinion: A lesson to be learned for all people to show respect whether it's a president to a sports team. Bad sportsmanship is bad sportsmanship. I felt the same amount of embarrassment during McCain's concession speech when Obama was boo'ed.

Opinion: Rev Joseph Lowery's prayer should really no be more offensive than Rick Warren's prayer usage of the different ways to say "Jesus" in multiple languages. Both prayers were inclusive to all but outlining differences and understanding amongst us.

Fact: I am sorry about about your job. I wish you great luck in finding something that you enjoy.

Anonymous said...

Two week's later, Obama's Recession is now in full swing. Say it with me. Obama's Recession. I think I'm going to have some bumper stickers printed up.

It's not your imagination. The economy was teetering last year, and it really began to tank in earnest after the election. The market knows that B. Hussein Obama is going to be a four-year economic disaster.