Saturday, May 30, 2009

More From the RPV Convention #RPVC09

Morning! From the RPV Convention floor, had a few tech issues late yesterday and early this morning so I didn't get to do any updates....

Last night was awesome. As I said yesterday this is my first ever Convention so I didn't really know what to expect, but after the 'Opening ceremonies', there were events held throughout the night, including a gala featuring keynote speaker Mitt Romney.

Later, I traversed the many Hospitality suites with a little group of new friends comprised of Bloggers and first time delegates, and met lots of interesting and surprisingly fun people.

I wish that others could see the GOP that I see, one that is made up of many individuals, not a group that can be defined by any one stereotype. We are clearly a party in transistion, and that is evident from the wide variety of delegates as well as the focus on New Media at the Convention.

Now the folks are filtering in from around the state, there is certainly that cliched 'Buzz' in the air as everyone awaits the Guest speaker Sean Hannity and the voting to follow this afternoon.

There is a definite sense of community here, that I'm happy I was able to witness, as the thousands move into the coliseum, people are still finding time to stop and chat with friends old and new. The Positive energy in the room is palpable.

Bob McDonnell will be giving the opening remarks before Mr. Hannity speaks and to this crowd, it would be a toss up as to which they are Waiting to hear from more....McDonnell is a bit of a Rock star here in Virginia and I for one can't wait until he is our Governor, I have no doubt he'll consider it a full Time job, unlike his predecessor, Tim Kaine.

It's about to begin.....

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