Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I Was Born To Tea Party!! (Why I joined the Movement)

On the eve of the birth of a what I believe could be the start of a new American Revolution, I thought I might share a little with you about why I joined the Tea Party Movement. For me I think I've always been a 'Tea Party Patriot', I just didn't know it. You see long before I ever entered the big bad world of Blogging, I would sit around and annoy my friends with political conversations, which often ended up with me first explaining the topic, as most of my friends pay about as much attention to the "News" as I pay to NBA standings...

My sister and I on the other hand can go on for hours on either Politics or Football, and long ago dicussed that the only way to get any attention to your cause was to "Tie yourself to something", we were inspired by some Toon who had chained themselves to a Strip Club door in Daytona Beach. We of course found out about said Toon, because it was covered on Three cable news stations...

The subject came up again later when the much maligned Car Tax was left in place, by then Full Time Governor Tim Kaine, using the stock campaign line retraction, "Oh what I said about the Repealling the Car Tax? Yea, that's not going to happen." We in the Commonwealth are Taxed To Death, and yet we can't even get a small reprieve on an annual Tax on the "Blue Book Value" of your car. Every year that you own the car, and sometimes in years that you don't, but that is a story for another day..

..as I was saying, Protests came up again, This time we were trying to figure out a way to Toss a Car in the James River without causing the Enviromentalists to Hunt us down and kill us. We were unable to come up with a viable solution, but the thought behind it remained the same. You have to do something different, Newsworthy to get any attention to your cause, and to do so requires some Personal sacrifice and motivation, something most of us are just to busy or too afraid to do.

Almost two years ago now, one of my patient friends that is primarily a-political but humors me, suggested that I start a blog. He indicated I clearly had something to say. I just assumed he was trying to end the conversation, until the next day, when he e-mailed me the link to Blogspot.com. I thought, I might as well check it out. That day I wrote my very first Blog, called it "Spectator Nation"

Some Excerpts and some proof that I was born to Tea Party:

This nation was founded on the principle that the congress was to represent the will of the people, not as is happening now that the people were to conform to the wills of the congress...

....Part of the problem clearly lies in the lap of the American people. We used to be a people with willing to question authority, educate ourselves on the issues...

As long as we continue to sit on the sidelines, can we really complain that no one is getting the job done?

You can read the entire blog here.

I wrote this on September 18, 2007. (So take that, all you, "Hey where were you during the last eight years?", crowd!)

It was another full year before I ever logged into Blogspot again, but I had taken the first tiny step. That's kind of what tomorrow is about everyone taking a tiny step, but taking it together. The journey of a 1000 miles begins with one step Right? Well we've got 11 Trillion "Miles" to go and counting, so it's time we Get to Steppin'.

Which is what I did next. I started blogging fairly regularing and participated in the On-line Tea Party. Something stirred in me, and I knew it was time to step out from behind the computer, into real life action. When the idea was suggested that Tax Day was a perfect date for a Tea party, I couldn't wait to get involved. A Tax Payers Revolt over Wasteful Goverment Spending, Where do I sign Up?! (I know some of you might think that last line is a joke, I assure you it is not.) After just a few e-mails I had joined up with a handful of like-minded individuals and we started planning the Richmond Tea Party.

At first there were four of us, then five, then six and it just kept growing. We held our 'meetings' via e-mail, assigning tasks and responsiblities. We did eventually meet face to face a few weeks ago, and it was great to see and in some cases hear these folks for the first time. This was the most "political" thing any of us had ever done, so I don't think any of us knew exactly what to expect.

As the saying goes go, Where there is a Will, There is a Way, and the one thing our little rag tag group was not lacking it was Will. After working with these individuals and talking with many others from across the country, my heart swells with Pride that all is Not lost: There are still Americans who understand the responsiblity, that We The People have to each other and to future generations.

I hope that the events being held throughout the country tomorrow, will be seen as a kick off, not a culminating event. My greatest wish is that all who attend Tea Parties, will leave as inspired as I have become. It is my prayer for our Nation, that those attending will head home with a plan to get more involved in their Goverment on the local, state and national level. The Tea Party Movement is a reminder that we are still a Government of The People, by The People, and We The People are Tired of being a "Spectator Nation", We The People are getting into the Game. Tomorrow we take that first tiny step, and We Take it Together.

And I'll leave you with a quote from a Facebook friend, "Make a Plan, Not Excuses", go the Tea Party near you, and Let Your Voice Be Heard.

Find a Tea Party in Your Area at TaxDayTeaparty.com

If you are in My area...See you there!

The Richmond Tax Day Tea Party

April 15th at 6pm at Kanawha Plaza in the shadow of the Federal Reserve Building


Anonymous said...

First of all Jim Gilmore, republican, devised the anti car tax. It has been a huge disappointment by ALL standards. It's not really fair to state that Tim Kaine had anything to do with it.

I wish you much luck with your tea party. As a liberal and a believer in free speech, I think it's a wonderful event.

I do challenge you to speak on Virginia's GOP decision to decline $125,000,000 in aid to our state. No please remember that in Martinsvile the unemployment rate in Martinsville is 20%. They are also a strong hold for the GOP.

I do wish you much luck tomorrow. I would attend but I have a job.

mantooth said...

Sure is convenient of you guys to jump on this issue AFTER Obama was elected. It's not like Bush was a spendthrift. I won't be joining you this round as my taxes went down, and I got an $8000 homebuyer's credit. Not too shabby.

Anonymous said...

It would be nice if the other two who left comments actually read the entire article... but half truths are their specialty.

I noticed that it is pointed out specifically that the problems were there in 2007 at least, also that Tim Kaine said he would repeal the law and then did not, and the event does not start until 6 and goes to 8....SO people with jobs will be able to make it. I have a job where I often work 60 hours a week.. I will be there.

On a personal note.. I bought a house and didn't qualify for the credit- No big deal this is about helping all Americans. Not just myself.

Anonymous said...

The Tea Parties were great, but no that we have the momentum, let's not stop. Do something with it! Keep fighting the good fight.