Wednesday, March 11, 2009

7 "Hot Reads": Links You Need to See

Decided to try something new this morning, "Hot Reads",links to articles and columns that you can look to, if you're under pressure to find cool info in a short time. I'll try and deliver some unique links, that you might not find elsewhere. Feel free to send me ideas if you want me to continue this....I can't wait to hear what you think...

Today's Hot Reads

Doug Patton over at lays it out in plain language in his column, "GOP Will Gladly Take Rush, If the Dems Claim Soros"

So maybe the Brits are starting to think Bush wasn't so Bad after all...The Times UK reports that it's "incredibly difficult" to communicate with Obama Administration.

GatewayPundit answers the Question: What ever Happened to all those people who orchestrated the "Troopergate" Hoax?

Liberal Icon, Camille Paglia is fed up with Obama's "posse of smirky, smart alecs".... and is the second in so many days to warn Obama about becoming a One Term President

North Carolina, Democrat Charlie Albertson wants to "Socialize" Athletics and enforce a Ban on All athletics in underperforming school districts, Maybe Albertson's never heard of an Athletic Scholarship, I bet the kids in those neighborhoods have.

Kyle-Ann Shiver, one of my favorite contributors over at American Thinker, works on some Campaign slogans for 2012, including "I'll have a whack at it." and one that I think has real potential with the Youth Vote: "Obama lied; hope died" in her column that wonders "Voters Obama Follie Coming Home to Roost"

And this last one really gets me in the Heart, as a Hip Hop Fan myself. The Insider at the LA Times takes on the bizarre new twist in the Rhianna and Chris Brown fiasco. The two are reportedly going to record a Duet about the night that Chris Brown Beat Rhianna in His Car, "to capitalize on the emotions" of the two. This is not Romantic, This is Domestic Violence.

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