Monday, February 23, 2009

Time to Hit the Harbor! Americans Plan "Tea Party" Protests Across the Country

Last week during an interview on CNBC Rick Santelli, may have inadvertently as he said "hit a nerve" with American Taxpayers when he called for a "Chicago Tea Party" in protest of the wasteful spending inside the recently passed "Stimulus" bill. Santelli's words rang true to anyone who heard them, and I although I've always been proud of My country, today I am truly feeling the excitement of being an American.

Watch the Rant that Started it all...

Santelli's pointed reference to that cold night in Boston in 1773, has inspired thousands to go into action and organize "Tea Parties" around the country. I must tell you, I've been wanting a Rebellion of this sort for a long time, and I am pleased to find out that I am not alone.

The Right of every American to participate in civil Protest is a Right, that few Republicans, Conservatives or other Normal people with jobs, rarely get to fully enjoy. Liberals have historically "owned" the Protest market. Sure you might find a few Religious Conservatives at a local abortion clinic on any given day, but for the most part, major protests are held only by Liberals. Why? Because they don't have jobs... silly.

My sister and I have long discussed tying ourselves to something in protest over the years..We very seriously discussed organizing a rebellion against the unexplainable Car Tax here in Virginia. Tim Kaine, our current part time Governor, (you've probably heard of him, He also moonlights as the DNC Chairman.)promised to repeal it or at the very least reduce it, then after being elected immediately changed his position. I know You are Shocked, a Democrat lied.

I digress... my sister and I once pondered the idea of tossing Cars into the James River in protest, but figured the Environmentalist wackos would have a field day with the 'impacts' of our little rebellion. But yet we longed to be heard and it seemed like the only time elected officials pay any attention is when the Media spotlight is on in a Public protest with lots of people and signs....It's why the Liberals do it all the time.

But what happens when hard working Taxpayers realize that if they don't stand up and say something, No One will and President Obama will use the "Generational Theft Act of 2009", to take more Money out of American's wallets? How will America react to Democrats and Obama saying we need to Pay more Taxes, when we all Know that many High ranking Democrats don't even pay their Taxes? Something tells me that why we are having a Nationwide Chicago Tea Party this Friday at Noon....(If you are on Facebook, Join the Nationwide Chicago Tea Party.)

The original Boston Tea Party was an act of Rebellion against the High Taxes being paid by colonists, while they recieved No representation in British Parliment. Hence the saying so loved by what Democrats hope to make our newest state, Washington, DC. "Taxation without Representation". The Colonists tossed the Tea into the Boston Harbor and America's love affair with Coffee begins....(talk about a Butterfly effect!)

This was the Birth of our Nation, the First Americans did not want to Pay for things they did not use nor did they support. And here we are again, over 200 years later facing the same problem. We've got Democrats in Congress who have already passed the largest spending bill in history, coupled with a President who has never seen a Tax increase he didn't like. Now that the Porkulus was signed into law, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi are already planning "Porkulus Payoff Bill #2" , which will cost Taxpayers another half a Trillion dollars.

There is a growing frustration amongst Americans, Michelle Malkin has been documenting the recent groundswell of Taxpayer Rebellion through her website. In a recent post she shared some of the e-mails, parodies and spoofs that she's been sent by readers, one of her readers, L.C. wrote the following tribute set to the tune of "American Pie", try to keep this from running through your head all day....

A long, long time ago…
we can still remember
How Ronald Regan made us smile.
And we knew if we had a chance
we could make those Democrats dance
And, surely we’d be happy for a while.

But this February should makes us shiver
With every promise Nancy delivers.
Bad stimulus on the doorstep;
We shouldn’t take one more step.

We will remember when we cried
As we read Harry’s big fat lies,
But something is foul deep inside
The day responsibility died.

So bye-bye, to our kids piece of the pie.
Obama Drives us to the brink,
will leave us all high and dry.
Coburn and the boys were tryin’ all they could think
Singin’, “You’re making our economy die.
you’ve taken our kid’s piece of the pie.”

Can we still trust in our gov,
We will need our faith in God above,
If we want to make them go.
Do we believe in principles,
Can we be saved from those liberals,
And can Mitch and John keep their troops in tow?

Well, the Unions are in love with them
`cause they read the same liberal hymm.
They change all the rules.
Now we got those stimulus blues.

We’ll end up lonely and without a buck
Just a Green job and a hybrid truck,
Right now, we are out of luck
The day responsibility died.

We started singing,
“bye-bye, our kid’s piece of the pie.”
Obama drives us to the brink,
will leave us all be high and dry.
Coburn and the boys trying all they could think
singing “You’re making our economy die.
you’ve taken our kid’s piece of the pie.”

Now for two months we’ve been on our own
Ried, Nancy and Obama have clearly shown,
Their way is how it’s gonna be.
They’re jesters, jokes and drama queens,
Throwin’ cash around like they’re seventeen
Not listening to the voice of you and me,

And while they read a book of Marx,
We praise Friedman in the dark
The day responsiblity died.

We were singing,
“bye-bye, our kids’ piece of the pie.”
Obama drives us to the brink,
will leave us high and dry.
Coburn and the boys were tryin’ all they could think
singin, ” You’re making our economy die.
you’ve taken our kid’s piece of the pie.”

But we can not sign the blues
We will work for happy news,
Freedom is 21 months away.
We must go to the roof and shout “no more,”
Like we did 15 years before,
It is time to put an end to the Lib’s day.

For today believers in responsibility screamed,
Conservatives cried, But we still will dream.
Loud words must be spoken;
“Our Liberal government is broken.”
And three men to whom we could turn:
Pawlenty, Jindal and Coburn,
From their leadership we can surely learn.

Today, responsibility died.

‘Til then we will be singing:
“bye-bye, our kid’s piece of the pie.”
Obama drives us to the brink,
will leave us all be high and dry.
Coburn and the boys were trying all they could think
singing “You’re making our economy die.
you’ve taken our kid’s piece of the pie.”

A few weeks ago I was expressing my personal desire for a Taxpayer rebellion on Twitter and I asked "What should we throw in the Harbor?" The #1 Answer was Congress. (Just so you know... the #2 answer was Liberals...) That of course was just my humble little survey, but apparently it's as accurate as any Gallop Poll, because Congressional Approval Ratings continue at record lows, and Rassmussen reported last week that only 38% of Voters thought the Stimulus would work, yet Democrats in Congress and President Obama passed it anyway and are already thinking about ways to take more of Your Money, It that isn't Taxation without Representation, I don't know What is.....

In one of her better interviews, Ann Coulter discussed the "Santelli Effect" on Fox News this morning, with everyone's favorite anchor woman, Megyn Kelly.

While Coulter stops short of promoting this week's planned "Tea Parties", I'm not going too...I will be participating in this Friday's Nationwide Chicago TeaParty with my friends at Top Conservatives on Twitter and Smart Girl Politics and I am currently trying to make plans to attend the Washtington DC Tea Party at the Washington Monument at Noon. I'm ready to Hit the Harbor!! Are you going to join me?

If you've had enough of the Goverment taking Your Money and spending it on things you don't agree with? Then it's time to take a Stand.

Here's How to Get Involved:

Find out more about the Nationwide Chicago Tea Party

On Facebook, Join the Nationwide Chicago Tea Party or attend one of the many planned events

Want to Host a Tea Party in your City? Get Tips from someone who has done it

I've been itching for a rebellion like this my whole life, so I can't imagine not being involved. Maybe you aren't normally an "activist" kind of person, are you the "I'd like to keep the money I work hard to earn" kind of person? If so then it's time to Join the Party. Get involved in anyway you can. If We the People Don't Stand Up Against Our Government, Who Will?


Rocky31 said...

I'm sick of Obama and ready to join!

robert verdi said...

its a start

Biased Girl said...

Yes, Robert it is only a Start...but we have to 'start' somewhere! ;)

RightKlik said...

I'm ready for the revolution.

Pamela D. Hart said...

Mickey, you've done it again. Thank you for writing a blog that gives us Conservatives information that we can use to inform others. My husband was speaking with his brother last night and his brother said, "I'm just a small blip, I don't matter." That made me so mad! So many people just put their heads in the sand because if it doesn't supposedly effect them then so what. Or they think that just because they are one person they don't matter. Well, I'm one person that does matter and MY VOICE WILL BE HEARD. Because with one voice it will lead to two then three. So thank you again for all that you do; all your hard work and research in bringing this blog together so that we can spread the word, too.