Monday, January 5, 2009

Ann Coulter's "Guilty" Causing Controversy Already?

The Drudge Report has a screaming Headline that "NBC BANS COULTER FOR LIFE", assuming it's true, Ann Coulter should send the folks over at the Peacock Network a nice fruit basket for all the free publicity she's about to have bestowed upon her. See the Divine Ms. Coulter has a new book coming out this week, it's said to be a Crucifixion of the OLM and their well documented liberal bias. Do you know what it's called? "Guilty" NBC must not have realized She was talking about them, when they booked her first Broadcast interview. The advanced copy must have cleared things right up.

I for one, can't wait to get my hands on it, her last book "If Democrats had any brains, They'd be Republicans" was more of a compilation of quotes and columns. While I enjoyed the read, it didn't hold a candle to what I consider her Masterpiece, "Godless". As a huge fan of Ann Coulter's writing, I can only imagine what little nuggets she has dug up on Lexus Nexus search this time.

Her milder critics have called her Harsh or Brash, maybe, but that's what makes her writing so interesting. No concessions, where you give credit to the other side just to be taken seriously. Coulter doesn't play by those rules, instead She puts her Stiletto heels on Liberals' jugulars, then firmly presses down. You've got to admire her style.

Liberals despise Ann Coulter usually before ever having read a word she has written. In fact I would venture to say that 95% of Ann Coulter's 'critics' have Never read one of her columns, let alone one of her books. Her "Vicious" persona is just perpetuated by the OLM. When new friends first see the Coulter section of my living room library, even those who lean to the Right, they are forced to comment. Or more accurately, Question. As in, "Have you read all of Her books?" The answer of course is yes, but honestly she's only published a handful of books. (It's not like I've got the entire Dean Koontz collection.)

Liberals hate Ann Coulter for many of the same reasons they reacted so strongly to Sarah Palin, Coulter is intelligent, successful and the High Holy of Liberal Sins...Pretty. Liberals women especially hate the likes of Coulter. They would prefer women to be mousy, victimized and homely, it better suits their agenda. Coulter represents everything they have fought against their entire lives. She's a catholic, gun loving Barbie Doll. She's even said that she likes to annoy liberals by posing on the cover of her books, smiling wearing a black evening gown. Did I mention she's funny?

For those of you who have never had the pleasure of reading one of Ms. Coulter's books, one thing you need to know: You may not like what she is saying, you may not like how she says it, but you can't argue with her research. The girl sources everything. It's one of the reason I enjoy her books so much, they lead you to other information sources. But it's her cutting Wit that Fans and critics alike find themselves remembering...If you've seen her in an interview, you know she's quick on her feet, imagine what she can do when she puts it down on paper.

Some of my favorite Ann Coulter Quotes....

"The common wisdom holds that "both parties" have to appeal to the extremes during the primary and then move to the center for the general election. To the contrary, both parties run for office as conservatives. Once they have fooled the voters and are safely in office, Republicans sometimes double-cross the voters. Democrats always do."

"Liberals use the word science exactly as they use the word constitutional. Both words are nothing more or less than a general statement of liberal approval, having nothing to do with either science or the Constitution."

"Support for all liberal ideas is always at its zenith before people figure out what liberals are talking about. (This is known as the Howard Dean effect.)"

"The reason any Conservatives failing is always major news is that it allows liberals to engage in their very favorite taunt: Hypocrisy! Hypocrisy is the only sin that really inflames them. Inasmuch as liberals have no morals, they can sit back and criticize other people for failing to meet the standards that liberals simply renounce. It's an intriguing strategy. By openly admitting to being philanderers, draft dodgers, liars, weasels and cowards, liberals avoid ever being hypocrites."

"(Liberals say) (t)he death penalty does not deter. How do liberals know? This is an article of faith, not a statement of empirical fact. If the death penalty doesn't deter murder, how come Michael Moore is still alive and I'm not on death row?"

Honestly, how can you not Love this woman? That's good stuff and truly just the tip of the iceberg. But Liberals have No sense of humor. So it's really not surprising they don't get it. What surprises me is that with Television ratings in the tank across the board, NBC decided to dump a draw like Ann Coulter. It won't silence her, but it will make a trip to the Today show unnecessary for other Authors, once "Guilty" goes to the top of the Best Seller list.


Rick Fisk said...

Coulter is a pseudo intellectual who might as well be a liberal for all she uses her brain.

Anonymous said...

Coulter is one of the sharpest, most analytical minds at work today, coupled with that great lack of interest in anything remotely resembling restraint.

If it's true, she says it. Doesn't care whose feelings are hurt. She tells the truth when lies are expected.

Liberals have no response to her except to call her mean or dumb, because to answer her arguments would simply reveal she's right.

Mike said...

Anonymous, I am truly sorry if you believe what you just said.

As an aside, I have trouble trusting any review written by someone who plays loose and fast with the facts, like coming up with a completely random number of people and claiming they've clearly never read her works. If I wanted to peruse a work of fiction I'll go watch some Bill O'.

RightKlik said...

If I could write like Coulter, I'd quit my day job.

Pamela D. Hart said...

Well, Mike, if you wrote and sold as many best sellers as Ann does, your opinion would matter. As it stands your sitting this one out.

Pasadena Closet Conservative said...

She is the hottest chick ever because she has the "three B's": Brains, Beauty, and Balls.

Anonymous said...

Coulter is to political commentary what Andrew Dice Clay is (was??) to comedy. Together they prove that you can make a living on shock value even when you really have nothing of value to say.

Anonymous said...

To Rick Fisk,

pseudo-intellectual ? Why, I ask ? Is it because she exposes the miserable standards that pass as fact and that the Main Stream Media did everything they could to throw jouralism standards out the window?

You sir, are duped and as Obama's Presidency comes into play, you will see how they spin his lies and idiocy.

To the other Coulter haters posting, do better research on her, bomb-thrower she is.... she gets attention for showing the truth.

Tom Sanchez Prunier said...

Sorry I'm late to the party. New to this blog.

I am not a critic of Ann Coulter because she does not deserve the time and effort for literary criticism. Besides, Senator Al Franken did a great job of fact-checking her in his book, Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them. Though I don’t consider myself a liberal, I will confess to left-leaning on many issues (and right-leaning on others).

There’s this thing called attribution, whereby a fact is supported with data or a quote. I have read more Coulter columns than I care to admit and tried to get through Treason, but as a writer, I could not get past the unsubstantiated remarks, which were often just her riffing like she does on Fox New Channel.

Creating a controversy with NBC is the only way for her draw attention to her new book; Coulter, like O’Reilly, Hannity and the other neoconservative pundits who based their careers on criticizing the media for doing its job (by labeling it liberal) have been rendered irrelevant by the will of the People, who voted with the issues, which were an unjustified war in Iraq, unprecedented debt, a staggering economy and an absence of accountability from an increasingly cloistered administration and (until 2006) Republican majority in Congress. We The People had been cut out of the loop, and surrogates like Coulter were saying we were wrong to want a voice. It was a junta, not a government.

The current Coulter column (“This Is The Downer We’ve Been Waiting For,” 1/14/09) has excerpts from Guilty, including the quote below, which is most definitely brain candy for neocons, but not a legitimate contribution American political discourse:

“The media's fawning over Obama knew no bounds, and yet, in the midst of the most incredible media conspiracy to turn this jug-eared clodhopper into some combination of Winston Churchill and a young Elvis, you were being a bore if you mentioned the liberal media. Oh surely we've exploded that old chestnut. ... Look! Look, Obama just lit up another Marlboro! Geez, does smoking make you look cool, or what! Yeah, Obama!.

You know, George W. Bush was a media darling for a while, but the media – a bunch of educated, literate folks who work in facts – began to realize there was something a little off about him. Add to that the dirty tricks (Rove’s push-poll calls in South Carolina and aborted Florida recounts in 2000) that vaulted him from dark horse candidate to Republican nominee, and later President, and this group of intelligent people became suspicious. By contrast, Obama has stood the test of time, answered questions and made some unpopular or controversial decisions (campaign funding being one of them), and has come out of that gauntlet smelling rather rosy because of his honesty and responsibility for his actions. It won’t last, as Obama will make unpopular decisions and might just – gasp! – make a mistake. Of course, NO other President in history has ever done that, right?

Still, the characterization of our President-elect as a “jug-eared clodhopper” is a little unfair, and denotes Coulter's opinion of the man based on his appearance, which disqualifies her from the dialogue and renders her nothing more than a name-calling child.

And while I do not believe Coulter is a post-op transsexual, she has been saddled (sorry) with that rumor, so making personal attacks based upon appearance is throwing stones in glass houses. One would expect a smarter approach than that.

If this vague riff is what she chooses as her excerpt, I feel sorry for anyone who buys her book. You might want to check it out of a library and wait for her to put out better material before you spend any money. Statements like these are neither research nor valid commentary.

I gave Coulter a chance – hundreds of pages and dozens of columns – to convince me she was a valid member of the media, or a voice worthy of my ear. There’s a brain there, but it’s being used for performance. Her statements are, like Miss Cleo, for entertainment purposes only.

Baculus said...

Oh lord - another hysterical conservative.

You and other Righties that claim to "understand" liberals really do not and have NO idea what liberals really believe and think. As it is, most folks on the Right really cannot even properly frame "Liberalism" as an ideology.

In particular, Ann is most guilty of this, of all people. She just lumps all liberals together, as if she is completely ignorant (which she is) what American liberalism REALLY means, its history in this nation, and the varied nuances to liberal politics.

She is the LAST person anyone should use as a political source, because she is just awful. It's like trying to listen to Sarah Palin mention the word "socialist" when Alaska is one of the most socialist states in the Union. (Of course, many conservatives are clueless to this reality and hypocrisy...)

Folks such as myself that have actually read Ms. Coulter's books (along with other right-wing publications) despise her for several reasons, including her tendency to outright lie in her books. Her sourcing is questionable and often bogus and, like other conservative writers such as Michelle Malkin, she has the tendency to stretch the truth to its breaking point.

It doesn't help that her public appearances are often bizarre, and woe to the news host that expects her to behave in any sort of professional capacity.

She isn't insightful, funny, or witty - she is basically a real life version of an internet troll that just says obnoxious things. Which, apparently, is the sort of humor and intellect that some right-wingers apparently enjoy.

But hey, Rush Limbaugh has been popular for years, so that much is already evident.

Coulter's arguments do not "reveal she's right," because much of it is just rubbish and simply made up. Her obsessive self-promotion knows no bounds, except the truth.

And that is the worst: She packages outright falsities in her books, conservatives eat it up and actually believe it is true. Then, the believe that liberals do not care for her bogus statements because she is "beautiful" and "tells it like it is."

Nothing could be farthest from the truth.

Many liberals just do not like someone who's dishonest and yet loud and obnoxious about it. Of course, that never stopped the Right from loving Bill O'Reilly who has the same honesty issue as Ann Coulter.

There's a tendency for right-wingers to love love people who have a large mouth and a tenuous hold on "the facts."

Also, it isn't as if Coulter saying that "Democrats should be executed" is going to win her any friends. I imagine, though, that the right-wing and Republicans would be doing seething with rage if someone such as Keith Olbermann said the same thing.

It's the same reason many did not like Sarah Palin when, from the get-go, she sneered and dismissed Obama's "community organizing." We've seen it before from right-wing candidates and from the Right's heroes who share that same sneering attitude, usually followed by dishonest claims and distortions.

We saw that from Gov. Palin as she lied her way through the debate with Joe Biden, taking credit for initiatives that she opposed as governor. Which, BTW, is the same thing that George Bush did during the 2000 debates, taking credit for Texan initiative that he opposed as governor.

There certainly appears to be a trend...

The modern Right is, at this time, hysterical, embittered, and worse then ever. Like yourself, they hate Obama - spend all their time calling him "the One," "the Messiah," and other childish snotty attacks - and really sound a bit crazy. In fact, I have found few conservative blogs or forums that is taking a reasoned, rational approach to Obama. Instead, as if the last eight years of Bush policies were ideal, they are already attacking Obama before he's even sworn into office.

It's just...sad.

Anonymous said...

miss coulter I want to ask a question. I have this felling or worry that when obama take office the frist thing his gonna try to do is distory whites and the native americans. The blacks are gonna take away everything from us and laugh about it, what can white americans do to save our selves from this kind a terrorism in our own country. And from what I've since his wife is gonning to be even worse.That women is evil and you can see it in her eyes the way she moves her hole orra said it. she the devil and her huband is her handed man!!!

Anonymous said...

These are the best quotes of hers? It is all really rather boring, I thought she was far more intelligent than these quotes portray. Oh well...

Rachel said...
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Anonymous said...

First, to Tom and Baculus, thank you for contributing an argument that actually makes sense. Unlike some of these comments.

I'm an independent as far as things political go, I like to look at things from an objective stand point as much as I can. for Anne Coulter, I'd like to think that I would find her offensive and a disgrace to writers anywhere even if I was a far-right conservative. And I'm going to be a writer myself someday.

Because of the fact that I like things such as common decency, I will probably never like her unless she gets some and takes the overwhelming bias and selective sourcing out of her “arguments”.

Anonymous said...

Hold on a second... No one makes sense in this room. I personally do not like or dislike Anne Coulter. Nor have I read any of her books until now. So listening to people rant and rave about her "lies", I decided to check out one of her books, Guilty - Liberal "Victims" and their assault on America". Before doing that though I decided to look around on the web and do some fact checking of my own and "try" to find people complaining about her lies regarding this book to check accuracy before reading. I am not going to read a book full of slanderous lies written by a liar... Plain and simple. Of all the searching I could find but two errors, we're talking specific citations in her book. TWO ERRORS... One was actually an error on the person saying she said something in her book that she didn't. I stopped there. I am reading her book now, and I must say I am quite impressed. Not only has she many good points in the book; but she also noted exactly where she gets all of her information so it's easy for brain dead morons to look them up on the web. I fact checked her statements. They are all not only accurate but balls-on dead accurate. So my question is this; are you saying she is lying in her book? Because if you are saying she is lying then YOU have serious credibility issues. Everything she says in her books again has clearly stated where everything came from. It all checks out. Very easy to find on the web, she made it that way so people would have a very difficult time saying she is a liar. I don't mind the fact she has very pointed views towards the right, people are entitled to their opinions. However, she did point out a lot of interesting things. The Democrats were the largest proponents of segregation before the civil rights movement but changed positions when it became unpopular. Also how single moms are ruining the world, one child at a time. Her statistics and clear notations of where those statistics came from are simply mind blowing. Unbelievable, the studies clearly show that single parent homes are really disastrous in terms of rearing children. It is truly startling. I would recommend this book to anyone with a clear mind and no preconceived notions. I know, that is a lot to ask...