Saturday, January 10, 2009

2009: The Year of Indicted Democrats? Mayor Adds to the Growing List

Mayor of Baltimore, Shelia Dixon a Democrat, was indicted yesterday on charges of Perjury, theft and misconduct surrounding Gift Cards and donations intended for "needy families" but that were allegedly found to be used by the Mayor for personal purchases according to the Baltimore Sun. The Sun also point out that Dixon, is "the city's first sitting mayor to be criminally indicted." In Baltimore, that is a Real achievment. Charm City's most shining moment prior was whenHBO gave us "the Wire". It was a smash hit with its loyal following due to the gritty true to life portrayal of the corruption and devastion that flowed throughout City Hall. Now I'm just waiting to hear that Dixon took a meeting with "Stringer Bell".

But her supporters and the local media are suggesting, that since the prosecutors were unable to provide enough evidence to indict on charges of Bribery, it's really not a big deal.

In a statement published the Baltimore Sun

Del. Maggie L. McIntosh, a Baltimore Democrat and influential leader in Annapolis, said, "I did note that there was no charge that she was in any way bribed. ... We now need to hear her side of the case."

I wanted to embed the WJZ, the CBS affliate in Baltimore's coverage of the response to the Mayor's indictment to the allegations here, but they only provide a link. So here you go: Response to Democrat Mayor's Indictment

I mean what's a little violation of public trust among friends?

The woman is accused of stealing gift cards intended for Poor Kids, as in they were found at her house. I understand the innocent until proven guilty argument. But as a high ranking public Servant, she shouldn't put herself in a position to attract suspicion. But if the Gift cards were the first time her name had come up in a corruption investigation, I might have been a little less likely to grab my torch, however just this week, Mayor Dixon's ex-boyfriend, Baltimore Developer,, Ronald Lipscomb was formerly charged with Bribing City Council member, Helen Holton with $12,500 worth of campaign contiributions in return for a tax break for one of his development projects. development projects.

Apparently it doesn't really matter which poltical party she belongs to anyway, as CNN shows us here in this shining example of what liberals consider "objective" reporting, "it's just very disappointing..."

Newsbusters reported:

During a breaking news brief on Friday’s Newsroom program, CNN anchor Kyra Phillips failed to identify the party affiliation of Baltimore Mayor Sheila Dixon, a Democrat, who earlier in the day had been indicted on 12 counts related to a corruption probe by Maryland state officials. She did identify Dixon as “the first woman to serve as the city’s mayor” and “the first African-American female to serve as that city’s mayor.”

Democrats and Corruption are as Forrest Gump would say "Like Peas and Carrots", so much so that has created a page documenting each offense. When you have time read the whole list. Even rabid democratic mouthpiece, James Carville has already predicted in article for CNN, that 2009 will just continue the Scandal streak the Dems have been on since early 2008...

The Democratic Party has had a recent run of corruption and sex scandals. Mathematicians say that there are no such things as streaks and that the last event has nothing to do with the next. The only people who disagree are crapshooters and political operatives. Since I am both, I firmly believe that there are streaks and that political scandals happen in clusters....

.....The current streak, however removed from President-elect Barack Obama, doesn't bode well for Democrats in 2009.

My Question to James Carville: Which Scandals are you talking about? The one involving the Senator from Countrywide, Christopher Dodd(D-CT)? Maybe you were thinking of Democratic Govenor Elliot Spitzer, that certainly involved sex. Certainly he could have been talking about the Numerous Democrats involved with the Blago case. But maybe, Mr. Carville was referring to the federal investigation into Barack Obama's former cabinet Nominee, Bill Richardson, that forced him to withdraw his bid for Sec. of Commerce this week. Maybe he was giving us a hint of things to come....

The 46 has been doing an in depth series on what he calls the "BlackBox Scandal" involving Richardson. But as The 46 points outin an entry earlier this week, this Scandal has tenacles that could reach all the way to Pennsylvania, specifically Governor Ed Rendell.

The pattern for CDR and is to pour campaign donations into Democrats across this country. In exchange they receive sweet heart deals from the government in order to carry out their rather opaque financial transaction, now we know David Rubin of CDR worked on Rendell's transition and donated over 10,000's of thousands of dollars to Rendell's campaign to win the governorship,

Carville can call it whatever he'd like, but He Knows that scandalous Democrats have been capturing Headlines, for at least a year. The difference of course is how the media covers the Story. When Dems are being "naughty' the OLM, finds something else to talk about. But if a Repbulican says "Macaca" that's worthy of Five Weeks worth of coverage. It's the way of the Liberal World. On July 10th, 2008, 12 Democrats were indicted on Conspiracy Charges related to a scandal know as "BonusGate".

As Susan Duclos reported back in July on DigitalJournal

After a 17 month probe, two state grand juries, Harrisburg and Pittsburgh, have indicted 12 Democrats for alleged illegal activities and according to prosecutors, more charges are expected in what they are calling a "widespread" conspiracy within the Pennsylvania Democratic caucus to use tax payer funds to finance political activities.

Can you imagine the Outrage these were Republicans? I can already see the MSNBC's "CountDown to Conviction Clock" on the corner of the screen. But since they had a "D" beside their name, the story was brushed under the rug by the OLM, thus ignored by the American public.

Maybe, Carville is right and 2009 will be the Year of the Democratic Scandal, but if it is, I have a feeling it will be because of something posted on The Drudge Report, not something uncovered by the OLM.


The Black Sphere said...

What a great blog. Excellent links to other areas for research. Nice read for sure!

2 Conservative Women said...

Great post! I hadn't heard or read about this yet. Thanks for the links, as well.

Of course, whenever it's a Democrat, the liberal MSM fails to mention that.


Chicago Ray said...

This is a very good post and the culture of corruption has always been on the left side of the aisle and is growing at a rate never reached by conservatives.

Birds of a feather do time together and a number of dems should be wearing stripes if their cowardly cohorts have the courage to confront and remove them from their positions, Charlie "Bahama mama" Rangle for starters....

RightKlik said...

......Stillllllll waiting for the end of the culture of corruption. Nancy Pelosi, what's goin' on here? Corruption in Washington is no better and now it has spread everywhere.

Anonymous said...

I really won't take the time to argue that corruption is on BOTH sides of the aisle, but rather applaud those in law enforcement, justice department, whoever that is collecting information and hopefully, bringing these people to trial. As a liberal, I too am disgusted by these acts but I am not naive enough to think that one party, one branch, one anything in our government is worse than the other. They both are pretty bad.

Anonymous said...

True to the theme of this blog BiasGirl- the OLM aka The Mainstream Media will cover-up and fail to challenge the dud Pelosi on why corruption isnt being cleaned up. A well researched article that will allow me to effectively debate....

We can hope for a good 2010 and that more of America will wake up and really see what is going on.

robert verdi said...

The Black Box Pay for Play scandal is as big as you say. By the way here is some information on Birmingham Mayor Larry Langsford,s, arrest for his involvement in these Black Box Scandals.
P.S. Thanks for referencing The 46

Eric Rasmusen said...

I'm compiling a list of Democrats in trouble, at:

Anonymous said...

Democrats in Cuyahoga County (Cleveland, Ohio) have been under investgation for several months. Waiting for all the shoes to drop.