Saturday, December 13, 2008

Before they Were Viral: 12 Days of Obama

Liberals like to claim ownership of everything "Creative", and that includes Comedy. Just like everything else Liberals "claim" the Liberal myth that Conservatives are rigid and humorless is patently False. So I've decided to share some of the videos that I've come across recently that literally made me laugh out loud including a new twist on the Christmas Classic, 12 Days of Christmas. You let me know, but I think some of these are deserving of going Viral....

Hey Crazy Liberals! This video was put on youtube during the campaign season and is set to the tune of the song "Hey there Delilah", yet I never saw it until this week. Warning: After viewing you will find yourself humming and smiling for days!

The second on my list came via Gateway Pundit. The Bluebloggers or Liberal blogggers are kind of known for their crazy violent Screeds against Republicans and especially George W. Bush, but this week John Gibson highlighted that they are just as insane in Defense as they become when on the Attack! This video was put together around an audio segment of John Gibson's radio show, featuring Dramatic interpretations of Liberal Blog Entries in response the the "Obama-Blago" Scandal. Enjoy!

You can't make that stuff up!

If you still haven't finished up all your Christmas shopping the next video delivers the perfect for that Obamamaniac on your list. If you've got the cash and the stomach for it, Barack Obama's senate seat is On Sale Now, while supplies last...

And just in time for the Christmas season, the 12 Days of Obama. This is sure to be a favorite for Conservatives, as we remind our Liberal friends that elections have consequences. And this is What Obama plans to give all Americans for Christmas in the years to come...

Merry Christmas!!

Let me know what you think in the comments section, or share another video of your own!


Davies said...

Comedy always sucks when it's stuffed with a bunch of talking points and boring political commentary, but no actual humor.

Right-wing conservatives are incredibly unfunny when it comes to politics because they never want America or the Republican party to take responsibility for anything. The reason that doesn't work is because comedy is about laughing at ourselves. And Left-wing liberals are a problem too, because they're sometimes too PC to take a joke. So political humor can be difficult.

Unfortunately in this post you've provided perfect examples of how stupid conservative political comedy usually is. Crapola like this is what put Fox's "Half-hour News Hour" off the air in record time.

The Mayor said...

Go to Canada, please?

Ahhh, no thanks--they're your problem.