Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Say more than Thank You to Veterans and our Troops...Support them

Today being Veteran's Day I thought I would take the time to recognize our Veterans as well as those currently serving in the United States Military. My husband is a Navy man, and it's just one of the reasons I love him so. It takes a special person to be willing to risk your life in defense of your Country, and I am eternally grateful to those who have chosen to serve.

You haven't heard much about our Troops in the OLM lately, but here's a little secret....We are Winning in Iraq. Yes it's been a slow road and we've made some mistakes, but within the last month we have turned over 2/3 of the provinces to the Iraqi Security forces. Because of the fortitude of the Men and women in the US Military, 55 Million Iraqi people live in a Country free of dictatorship. Sounds like "News" to me, but google search it...see how many OLM outlets have even covered this story....

While the OLM has spent the last seven years, planning our defeat, the Men and Women of the United States Military have been actually sacrificing for Victory. The Spread of Democracy and the destruction of Al-Queda. Those that have criticized the Bush Administration for ignoring Bid Laden, will be pleased to know that the New York Treasonous Times, has reported that secret attacks have been carried out against Al-Queda forces in Afganistan and Pak-E-stan since 2004. Breaching National Security is so important at the Old Gray Hag, they will admit they were wrong about the inability to operate two theatres of battle at once. I don't mean to make light of the fact that the NYTimes has once again put our Military's plans, operations and more importantly our personel at considerable risk, but I'm not surprised. It's not even the first time they've done it. Remember the secret CIA interogations...You know the one's that stopped numerous attacks....until the NYT's blew the whistle and the Liberals went insane....I digress...

When I say Thank you to those who are or have served my Country, I mean it. It is not some hollow gesture. I know I could not be as selfless as you are, I am not as brave as you are, nor do I have your strength. I appreciate all that you have allowed me to do in my life as a result of your sacrifice. I am not someone who only cares about the Military in theory, but not in Practice. I understand the role of our Military as Soldiers and defenders of Freedom.

Kyle-Anne Shiver over at American Thinker wrote an amazing article on Operation Gratitude, an all volunteer organization that fills and delivers care packages to all of our Troops in Harms way.

She talks about some unforseen benefits of Operation Gratitude's committment to care packages.

Every time I talk to Carolyn Blashek, America's Troop Mom, she tells me another story that sends chills up my spine and often brings tears to my eyes. This one, though, takes the cake as far as I'm concerned.

It seems that another wonderful American lady, who loves Beanie Babies, convinced Carolyn that these adorable little bean-stuffed critters would make a great addition to OpGrat care packages for the troops. Since the lady donated a whole lot of them, Carolyn agreed and faithfully included them in packages, not sure what the reactions from grown men and women in a theater of war would be.

Almost immediately, email began arriving, specifically mentioning the Beanie Babies. Stories were as varied and inventive as the great American ingenuity that inspired them. Soldiers told of Beanie Baby squad mascots, creative naming projects, competitive games centered upon the latest Beanie Baby, and on an on and on. Truly, even Carolyn was shocked at the overall success of the Beanie Baby project. Humorous diversions in hellish circumstances, of course, are as old as war itself, so perhaps we shouldn't be surprised.

But then, startling revelations began to arrive at the OpGrat headquarters, and the Beanie Baby project took on a whole new meaning. They were actually saving lives and helping to win the war.

Some of our truly exceptional, brilliant soldiers had the idea to trade the Beanie Babies with Iraqi children for information on hidden IED's. The children, so bereft of toys, gladly showed soldiers where explosives were hidden in exchange for the coveted cuddly critters.

Soldiers saved by a toy, proving once again that God truly works in mysterious ways. Who could have imagined this?

Read the whole article here

So on this day when we Honor our Veterans, take time to remember those currently serving as well. I plan to make a donation to Operation Gratitiude.

Kyle Ann gave a sales pitch I couldn't resist. "And this is how I've decided to think about these donations. Every single tax-deductible dollar that we give Operation Gratitude for our troops is a dollar that Barack Obama and Joe Biden will not get for their own squander."

Thank you to Our Veterans and to our active Men and woman in the United State Military. I am truly humbled by your service.

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