Monday, November 24, 2008

Is that a Murderer on your T-shirt? The Truth about Che Guevara

Stalin was Right. America is full of "Useful Idiots". The latest example of Liberals love affair with Communist Ideal...Where else? Central Park. It is being widely reported on the Web, and of course completely ignored by the OLM, that a statue has been erected in Central Park honoring cold blooded murderer Ernesto "Che" Guevara.

In his column, Visiting Che Guevara in Central Park, Jack Kemp wrote, "I read in AT that a statue of bloodthirsty revolutionary Che Guevara has appeared in Central Park, so I went to 5th Ave. & 60th street to see it for myself." I feel you, Jack, it truly is something you would have to see with your own eyes. In fact I waited to publish this blog until I was able to get confirmation from the reports over the weekend. I just couldn't believe that Anyone would want a statue honoring, Cuba's Communist Dictator, Fidel Castro's personal killing machine. I don't know why I'm surprised. My husband says I give people too much credit, that I'm always hoping they are 'better' than they turn out to be. Maybe he's right.

It's not like this is the first time the Liberals on the left have glorified this psychopath, they've been walking around with his Face on their dirty t-shirts for years, much to the dismay of Cuban Americans everywhere. In 2005, the Seattle Times did a story about the growing outrage from Cuban Americans over the continued marketing of Che t-shirts and trinkets. Who doesn't want a mass murder's picture on their Cup filled with overpriced Coffee? It's Seattle.

A Less Truthful version of the following image is what is considered "Trendy" amongst College Students and other mush minded individuals...

From The Seattle Times :
Increasingly, when young Latinos wear his image, older Cuban Americans are offended — to the point of shouting matches that threaten to erupt into fistfights.

One recent afternoon, 73-year-old Carlos Barberia was waiting for a bus in Union City, N.J., when he spotted a Guevara T-shirt on a sidewalk rack. He bought the shirt — and promptly set it on fire with a burning newspaper.

"Che Guevara killed my father," he told a police officer, explaining his outburst. "He had my father shot by a firing squad in Cuba."

The officer turned out to be Cuban American, too. "He told me, 'I have not seen anything' and he walked away," Barberia said.

From another Cuban American who writes at Sunrise in Havana,

Every time I see a teenager with Che Guevara's picture plastered on a T-shirt I feel sad. I wonder if they even know who this man really was.

During the first years of the Castro regime, Che was the head executioner. He is also responsible for founding the work camps, where the opposition were sent, including my father, who did nothing against the communist regime.

I have to tell you the Che T-shirt phenomenon is something that really gets under my skin, in fact one of the first groups I joined on Facebook was the "Che Guevara is a Murderer and Your T-shirt is Not Cool". Maybe not the catchiest of titles but effective and too the point. Thankfully I am not alone in my desire to openly mock Che t-shirt wearers. Which gives me some solace, but as Jay Nordlinger at National Review online points out, "The world is awash in Che paraphernalia, and this is an ongoing offense to truth, reason, and justice (a fine trio). "

Yet with all the evidence of his Barbaric behavior, Time Magazine still named Ernesto 'Che' Guevarra to their 100 Heroes and Icons list in June of 1999. Again we shouldn't be surprised, Time also featured him on the cover in 1960. They are just one of many OLM news outlets that have been accused of supporting Castro's dictatorship by Cuban exiles over the years.

In 2004 the film "The Motorcycle Diaries" was released to a flurry of praise by all those on the left. Supposedly a story of pre-Revolution Che. The Romantic beginnings that all the Liberals love....the story doesn't go in his later "Violent years" But does clarify one thing, Che was never poor. He was as most Liberals are Upper Middle Class. In one of the Most accurate Movie Reviews ever a reader known only as Zane wrote "It is as if someone were to make a film about Adolf Hitler by portraying him as a vegetarian who loved animals and was against unemployment. This would be true, but would be rather beside the point.Guevara was a violent, oppressive man. 'The Motorcycle Diaries' is the epitome of my generations pretentiousness." Couldn't have said it better myself.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Che Guevara, he was supposedly a doctor in Mexico when he met up with Castro Brothers. He became the third leg of the "Cuban Revolution". Guevara fought side by side with the Castros then took their Revolution to the people. It is estimated that Guevara is personally responsible for anywhere from 2000 to 150,000 Cuban Deaths. Notice the low number is 2000. This man was a viscous henchmen for Castro, his job was to put down any dissenters to "the cause", it was a position he relished. Guevara famously executed political prisoners without fair trial. You want to know the Truth about Che Guevara, take a few minutes and watch the following video. While it in no way covers all of the treachery of this man, it will give you a good idea of what he was Really like.

There are several books available if you are so inclined on the Real History of this assassin, one of which is Exposing Che Guevara. It was while looking at this book written by Humberto Fontova that I came across a review, and the reviewers thoughts seemed to capture my thoughts and convey them in a way, that I think even Liberals could understand....

Even though it's about
Che and Cuba, it means a lot to me as well--a
Chinese-American. Any book against one dictator is a
book against ALL dictators. I imagine you must feel
the same rage seeing a Che T-shirt as I do seeing a
Mao T-shirt. It bothers me that many people do not
think twice about wearing either T-shirt, but if
somebody wore a T-shirt with the visage of Hitler,
Stalin, bin Laden, or that Virginia Tech guy it'd be
all over the news.

Since "History" is now confined to our lifetime in this country, I thought it was a brilliant analogy to use the VA Tech shooter as an example. Something so tragic perpetrated by one individual that caused so much pain for so many. That is what the image of Che Guevara means to Cuban Americans and exiles, yet someone thought it was a good idea to put up a statue in Central Park.

How did my friend over at Sunrise in Havana react to the news...

I am so angry, my whole body is shaking!

If you feel the same, Let Your Voice Be Heard!

Contact info for the Commissioner, Department of Parks and Recreation:

Contact info for Mayor Bloomberg:

Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg
City Hall
New York, NY 10007
PHONE 311 (or 212-NEW-YORK outside NYC)

FAX (212) 788-2460


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Robby G said...

Interesting post. I feel your passion. It's all the medias fault. If they would have portrayed Che like they do Hitler, then people would even be scared to wear his face on their shirt. 'But oh, he's a brave revolutionary' is what they think. So was Stalin and Lenin, and some poor folk in the second world nations still wish someone like Stalin returned, but the majority is smart enough not to want someone like that. The Useful Idiots of U.S are too naive to think otherwise because they never experienced the wrath of a communist government.

robert verdi said...

I despise the romanticizing of Marxism, Che was a fascist thug who killed to create a dictatorship, he was so incompetent that castro had to shuffle out of cuba him so he could get killed in a an aborted revolution.

robert verdi said...

A quote about Che:
After rising the ranks... He worked in La Cabana prison, where a great number of people were executed, including some of his comrades in arms who refused to abandon their democratic beliefs. "I can't be the friend of someone who doesn't share my ideas" he once said.

From his will: he praised" extremely useful hatred that turns men into effective, merciless, and cold killing machines."

WomanHonorThyself said...

leave it to my fellow NYers..arggggggggggggggg!!

RightKlik said...

Thanks for bringing attention to this issue. I just don't understand why people are attracted to things like t-shirts that feature Che or symbols of the old USSR. It's worse than ignorance, it's willful stupidity.

Incognito said...

I read about this... truly shameful.. but you have the media to blame for the misinformation e. Che....if you don't know about his past, post Motorcycle Diaries era (it was a very good movie..) you don't realize what he turned out to be. People are always romanticizing revolutionaries and freedom fighters.. they all get lumped together.. the good and the bad.

Anonymous said...

My son is currently deployed and says that in his AO there are che' posters and t-shirts everywhere.

Biased Girl said...

That is very disappointing to hear, but not surprising. The cult status of Che is just a shining example of how Anti-American the left has become.

Anonymous said...

Seeing s Che tsgirt as fashion really makes me wonder. Do they really know or are they 'useful idiots' ? Maybe if I wore my "Che is Dead" tshirt, I might find what they know or dont. Romantic notions that Che, Castro and others are 'freedom fighters' shows how soft we have become.

Thinking Man said...

"The United States is the greatest enemy of mankind."

Said Che Guevara, in 1961 -- and added this:

"The solutions to the world's problems lie behind the Iron Curtain. If the nuclear missiles [from Russian] had remained in Cuba we would have fired them against the heart of the U.S. including New York City. The victory of socialism is well worth millions of atomic victims."

Guevara often signed his letters "Stalin II"

For years, I've been railing on the leftist love-fest for this Marxist pig, and I compliment Biased Girl on an extraordinarily relevant and well-written post.

It's worth remembering also (not that anyone forgot) the Obama campaign workers in Houston who had Che Guevara flags tacked to the walls of their campaign headquarters.

It's enough to make you sick.