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Say It Ain't So Joe! Sarah Reduces Biden to Tears...

Sarah Rocks! Sarah Vs. Biden: My predictions this debate will allow the American People to see actual authenticity in Sarah and see Biden for the lifetime politician that he is. Best thing that can happen for the good guys is that Biden can't control himself on self propagation and Sarah shows the world, the mainstream media's outlandish bias. I am writing the first of it's kind a real time blog.

Sarah looks great. She's so tiny. Ha! Can i call you Joe? Perfect. And away we go!

9pm Ding Ding

Joe blah, blah failed policies last 8 years reason for problems now...
Sarah taps into America! Soccer games, college tuition, pushes McCain's reform record on Fannie and Freddie

Joe took on such controversial issues of domestic violence and funding the police. Who is for domestic violence? funding the police? Very controversial indeed.

Sarah: talks to American people directly. Never again will be taken advantage our government or those on wall street. Great line.

Joe: lies about Barack Obama's record. He's getting heated. Cause he knows he's getting his ass handed to him; Disses McCain on insurance except his argument just makes me like McCain's idea more.

Sarah: Brings up Barack's horrendous tax increase voting record. Yeah!! I can't afford a tax increase.

Joe is lying. Joe is lying. He won't admit Obama wants to raise taxes in fact it's part of his slogan. remember "Tax the Rich!" That's their plan. Only what they don't tell you is you are the rich. Oh he's lying again. Obama promised to roll back the Bush Tax Cuts thus raising taxes for people who make about 42,000. Don't believe the $250,000 number, that's not real. However they also don't tell you that effects 75% of all small business!!

I love Sarah! She just brought up small businesses and patriotic taxes!! I Love her so.

She's speaking my language on the health care plan. After the insurance meeting I had today, I'd love some choice!

OMG! Sarah just told the American people what everyone knows in their heart. The Federal Government can not efficiently run anything. Do we want them in charge of something as important as our health care. The saying well you've got your health would go out of fashion quickly.

Joe Biden lies some more about how taxing small business won't hurt them or the overall economy. My friend who owns a small business just jumped off the couch. We had to pause the debates for a short rant on how badly it would destroy business. Warning: Don't pause debate while on Joe Biden's face. Not good. Not cute.

Fairness is code for Socialism.

Promises you can't keep; Good they may have to lessen the double foreign assistance plan? That was the plan double foreign assistance? I thought these guys were worried about us sending too much money to foreign countries, I guess that's just Iraq.

Sarah nails Obama on the tax breaks for Oil companies.

Joe is on the defensive now. Technical point to Palin for those keeping track. She's whooping him and he knows it. Is he about to become Good Ol' Joe? Lies about windfall taxes, Palin gave back to the people, Obama wants the government to keep it.

Sarah does a good job on reminding people John McCain warned about Fannie Mae with actual attempted legislation.

Joe says Obama passed a note to someone.

Sarah talks Energy.

Sarah takes on Climate Change. She doesn't want to argue about how we got here, she wants to solve the problem. Why don't the environmentalists love her?

She Loves America! I adore her.

Biden now says they support coal, that's not what you said a week ago, Joe. Joe mocks "Drill Baby Drill" but screws it up saying "Drill, Drill, Drill"

Sarah corrects him on the chant and the facts about Obama's record on drilling.

Joe is making up things about his record. Doesn't matter he is on the defensive again, another point to Palin.

Same sex benefits Obama Biden will support Same Sex Marriage. Did everyone catch that? I am so tired of this line of bull about gay people not knowing any lawyers. I mean everything they complain they can't have an all be taken care of with a quick trip to a lawyer. File paper work to make your partner next of kin, write a living will, make them executor of their estate.

Foreign Policy, here we go!

Palin pushes the Surge. Genius! Not unpredictable, but well delivered. Hangs Obama's vote against the troops around his neck. Compliments Joe for criticizing Obama's vote.

Why do Biden and Obama keep talking about their plan to turn Iraq over to the Iraqis. We are already doing that, because of the surge. They are talking about Iraq 11 months ago.

Sarah paints Obama as the defeatest he is.

This McCain voted against the troops thing is ridiculous. He voted against the time line because the commanders said no time line. Barack voted for timeline because he wanted to gain the approval of the anti war crowd.
Joe brings up the stump speech line about Iraq not being the central front on the war on terror, problem is he stole that from Bin-Laden, and the commanders have coined that phrase describing Iraq as the central war on terror.

Sarah informs him of his plagiarism.

Sarah lays out the case about why it is dangerous for Obama to suggest he would meet with Ahmadinejad without preconditions. Sarah drops Kissinger's' name like they've been friends for years. To Quote a talk show host, who shall remain nameless " You Go Girl!!"

Joe on the defense again: He lies about Obama saying he would sit down with the man who called Israel a stinking corpse. Obama said exactly that twice during the primary debates and has never fully explained his stance, but has come short of denying it like Biden just did. Point to Sarah.

Sarah shows the world who really supports Israel!!

Finally! Sarah explains that the Obama Biden ticket's foreign policy plan is too blame Bush, while the McCain Palin ticket is forward looking.

Sarah chats about Nuclear Weaponry and manages to work in Obama insulting the troops in Afghanistan. Nice work. She is a pro.

Joe is back peddling about the inconsistencies of his ticket on military operations.

Point to Palin.

Sarah explains the difference between similar plan and exact same plan....She's giving the most concise description of what needs to happen in Afghanistan that I've heard from anyone in seven years. She exudes confidence on matters of foreign policy. She's telling America, I can handle anything.

I think Biden believes her too.

Sarah is now raking Biden through the coals on his record vs Obama's record on Iraq. Stop the presses! I had no idea she had such a strong record on Darfur. She divested Alaska's savings from a company associated with Darfur. Why isn't that annoying celebrity group, One endorsing her?

Biden continues to dance around the conflicting voting records. Defensive yes? Point to Sarah!

Sarah goes after Biden one last time on his attacks on Obama during the primaries and his praise of McCain, because Biden voted more like McCain.

Biden doing his best used car salesman, trying to remember to hit all the talking points attempts to sell himself to the American people.

Sarah has convinced me we should flip the ticket. She says her administration will drill in Anwar in the untimely death of McCain. That's good enough for me.

Joe attempts to sound folksy mentioning some dinner in Scranton or something..

"Say it ain't so Joe!" Sarah delivers the headline quote of the night. America is falling in love. Reagan is smiling right now.

Biden is now pointing to a non-existent record. He really shouldn't encourage people to look at his record.

The authenticity is shining through in everything Sarah says. She's impressing Biden.

She's quoting Reagan. He just gave the ten cent interview line "I'm too passionate" also known as "my weakness is I work to hard/ care too much/ I'm a too much of a perfectionist" You've probably used this one yourself.

Biden's rattling off some bio stuff making an effort to sound human. Now he's talking about his past, what in the hell is talking about? He's been in the senate since 1972. He has no idea what life is like for the average American.
Oh dear he's crying now.

Sarah rescues the moment with a positive response about her record of reform returning decorum to room. Now she's talking about the diversity of the republican party. Giuliani, Lieberman and others all supporting McCain because he's the best man for the job.

Biden attacks McCain on being a maverick. If I'd done a shot for every time Biden says kitchen table I'd be wasted. Every time he says it I can't help but think, it just proves how "out of touch" he is. A more era appropriate saying would be "coffee table" or " car", doesn't he know no one sits at the kitchen table anymore?

Biden fought against Bork because he prefers liberal activist judges. Period.

Sarah shows she understands what the American people want from their government and she has done it in Alaska. Put the government to work for the people, not the other way around. From her shout out to an elementary school to her direct confrontation of the mainstream media, Sarah is the real deal.

Biden in closing talked about failed Bush Policies and the tax break for oil companies that Obama voted for too, because it was part of an energy plan. Nothing new or convincing.

In closing Sarah Palin looked a great deal like the man she was quoting, Ronald Reagan.

Just got a text from a serious Obama supporter. Palin-1 Biden-0

I think Sarah's been reading my blog. :)

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